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The October 2021 issue looks at maintenance data, variable speed HVAC, green cleaning, net zero energy facilities, renewed furnishings, remote inspections, and more.
The October 2021 issue looks at maintenance data, variable speed HVAC, green cleaning, net zero energy facilities, renewed furnishings, remote inspections, and more.


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Facility Executive: October 2021 Issue

October 2021 Issue

Facility Executive October 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 5)

Editor’s Letter: Taking A Fresh Look

Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

With 2022 around the corner, it’s the time when many of us take stock of the current year. What goals have we met; which initiatives are in progress; and what are you putting to the top of the list for the coming year? Facilities, with all their moving parts, are perpetual works in progress. Whether this past year has been a focus on maintaining smooth operations or one of significant changes (with the impact of the pandemic still strong), the approaching new year causes many to reflect on what’s next.

This issue’s focus on sustainability looks at several areas where facilities leaders and their teams can evolve their buildings, sites, and overall operations. With extreme weather threatening more locations (and more often), reinforcing current structures and systems to better withstand these and other disruptive events are a top concern at the end of 2021. The article on net zero energy includes points to consider if reducing your organization’s energy footprint is a priority. And, a holistic view of HVAC, green cleaning, and sustainability overall is included in this issue. Meanwhile, facilities maintenance tasks impacted by the pandemic as well as traditional forces are covered in Tech and FM, as well as the articles on remote building inspections and backup power selection.

As you read through this edition of Facility Executive and would like to share your own projects and lessons learned, send a note to the e-mail address below with a brief overview. Enjoy the rest of the fall season, as we all look ahead to the coming new year!



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October 2021 Issue: Contents

October 2021 Issue
It’s all hands on deck and eyes on ways to shore up facilities against extreme weather and other threats. Resilient design for buildings is on the rise. (Photo: Adobe Stock/Beeboys)

Tech And FM: The Benefits Of Digitizing Maintenance Functions | When facilities maintenance data is readily available, efficiencies improve across the organization.

The HVAC Factor: Low Occupancy? Look At Variable Speed HVAC |Striking the balance to bring in ample outside air while maintaining energy goals can be a challenge.

Embracing Green Cleaning Products, Processes | A cleaning program to support sustainability and human health will have long-term impact.

Growth In Zero Energy Buildings | Annual report from New Buildings Institute shows significant growth of net zero energy facilities since 2018.

Delivering Disaster-Resilient Buildings | Building commissioning is a key piece in protecting sites against the impact of destructive events.

Rerouting Furniture From Landfill | For furnishings no longer useful, donating these items to nonprofits or other organizations gives a second life.

Remote Virtual Inspections For Facilities | With demand increasing, an ANSI standard is in development.

Sustaining Efforts In Sustainability | Here are strategies for making green goals work for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Level Up Against Power Outages | Tailor backup power equipment to the needs of the site.

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Facility Executive: August 2021 Issue

August 2021 Issue

Facility Executive August 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 4)

Editor’s Letter: Securing Safe Facilities

Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

Te important focus of health and safety in facilities reached a pinnacle during 2021, and rightly so. With the pandemic evolving, facilities teams and their partners have been busy learning and adapting to ensure procedures across the board are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19. As a facilities professional you know this focus is here to stay, and that it goes beyond COVID at this juncture. Prevention and mitigation of all illness-causing threats will be central to facilities operations for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, for this issue we asked the Executive Director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), Patty Olinger, to share overarching lessons learned in the cleaning industry in light of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, facility security has been impacted by COVID-19 in the form of the new requirements or voluntary tightening on people’s comings and goings into a building and around a site. And security threats not related to the pandemic are everpresent. Essential Security Trends For FMs identifies five trends impacting physical security solutions for facilities (and there are certainly more). In Cyber Security For Building Networks, we present a talk with a cyber security expert seeking to name actions facility executives could take to protect OT (operational technology) from this front and center threat.

And, with cooler weather approaching for many facilities, Get Roofs Ready For Winter and Pest Management Prep For Winter offer practical tips on these tasks universal to facility management.

As you read through this issue, we invite you to send your experiences or questions about the topics covered in these pages to me at the e-mail address below. Enjoy the waning days of summer!



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August 2021 Issue: Contents

August 2021 Issue

Tech And FM: Mobile Work Management Tools | If your facilities team has yet to go mobile, here are four reasons to make the move.

The HVAC Factor: Follow The Science To Combat COVID-19 | Protecting facility occupants requires staying informed on effective indoor air quality and other strategies.

Get Roofs Ready For Winter | Farewell to summer, and hello to autumn roof maintenance.

Essential Security Trends For FMs | For commonly seen risks to emerging threats, solutions for facilities teams are evolving and maturing.

Cyber Security For Building Networks | Facility management has an expanding role in protecting operational technology.

Microgrids For Facility Power | Look to ESCOs when evaluating feasibility of this distributed energy resource for your site.

Hospitality That Floors Guests | In Round Rock, TX, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions opens amid COVID-19 challenges.

Controlling Retail Maintenance Costs | Keep sites in top shape and operating costs in check.

Cleaning And COVID-19 | As facilities maintenance moves forward, here are a few lessons learned when it comes to cleaning.

Pest Management Prep For Winter | As seasonal changes approach, take a look around facilities to prevent pest infestation.

Builders Hardware That Makes The Grade | Choose door hardware for performance needs using BHMA’s new Certified Product Directory.

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Facility Executive: June 2021 Issue

June 2021 Issue

Facility Executive June 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Facilities Forge Ahead
Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

How different do your facilities look compared to one year ago? How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the physical attributes of the buildings and sites you manage? For all, there have been changes, and for most those shifts were significant. As you and your team continue to implement new systems and tools, and reintroduce pre-pandemic elements back to your facility, I’m sure you know that it is still a work in progress, and the lessons learned over the past 16 months will continue to present themselves to facilities pros across all industry sectors.

The articles featured in this issue are here to supplement the knowledge and strategies you’ve gathered thus far. Insights on the evolution of the office are found in “What Type Of Place Is The New Office?” and see “Creating Useful Outdoor Spaces” for ideas to consider outside your building. And, with rooftop gathering spaces popular for those who can provide this amenity, it’s important to remember that nearby cooling towers should be managed appropriately, covered in “The HVAC Factor: Cooling Towers And Rooftop Decks.”

Healthcare and senior living facilities have been in the spotlight throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) writes about the need for investment in “Investing In Health Care Infrastructure.” And, the head of FM at a senior living community across four states shares their approach to pandemic response and recovery in “COVID-19 Lessons Learned In Senior Living.”

And, we’ve included articles on technology, lighting and energy, and safety (think preparing for natural hazards). As always, feel free to share your stories and queries by sending an e-mail to the address below.



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June 2021 Issue: Contents

June 2021 IssueTech And FM: The Future Office Experience | Flexible work environments will flourish with smart technology.

The HVAC Factor: Cooling Towers And Rooftop Decks | Protect people from risk of Legionnaires’ Disease when they gather in these outdoor facility spaces.

Access Control: Touchless, Frictionless, Or Both? | Here’s a look at key differences between these two security paradigms, which can be also be used in concert.

What Type Of Place Is The New Office? | Organizational change around the new workplace isn’t one size-fits-all, and facility management has central role.

Creating Useful Outdoor Spaces | Here are ideas on expanding beyond the walls of your buildings.

Protecting Against Natural Hazards | Evolving threats call for a renewed look at emergency planning.

Investing In Health Care Infrastructure | Burdened by deferred maintenance, healthcare facilities face more challenges amid COVID-19.

COVID-19 Lessons Learned In Senior Living | Louisville, KY-based Trilogy Health Services shares its pandemic process across its 100+ communities.

Lighting A Way To Wellness | New standards will focus on impact of artificial lighting on human health.

Persistent Energy Efficiency In Buildings | Monitoring-based commissioning provides facility managers long-term energy insights.

Harnessing Building Documentation | Construction projects result in facility data that must be filed and organized, and technology helps wrangle the information.

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April 2021 Issue

Facility Executive April 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Getting Back On Balance
Anne Cosgrove

As we move into the second year of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations that put a long pause on full occupancy in their facilities are welcoming people back to the buildings. The scope and speed of this transition varies by organization, and depends on a number of factors. But overall, a next phase seems to be upon society with facility management teams continuing to be a significant piece of the puzzle. And, traditional tasks and concerns important to the work of facility management remain. In all aspects, facility leaders continue to learn and strive forward to provide safe, efficient, comfortable environments. Many are back on balance, learning to operate in the new normal.

Lighting, always central to facilities, is being cast a new role as the industry learns more about the potential of UV lighting for healthy facilities. While used in HVAC and other areas of buildings for decades, the pandemic has spurred new interest and developments around UV-C light for healthy buildings. Our coverage of lighting extends to controls technology, with a look at a recent study on evolving costs of luminaire level lighting controls.

Meanwhile, ever-important aspects of facility management remain steadfast as priorities. We’ve covered some of these with an article on HVAC retrofits, fire sprinkler system maintenance, energy benchmarking, and a look at ADA compliance.

As always, please feel free share your stories by sending me a message at the e-mail address below. Happy Spring!



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April 2021 Issue: Contents

April 2021 Issue

Tech And FM: Data Center Trends To Watch In 2021 | Uptime Institute identifies five factors expected to impact data center facilities this year and beyond.

The HVAC Factor: Best Practices For HVAC Retrofits That Deliver | For best results, conduct a holistic evaluation of the systems already in place.

Get The Message: Reduce Water Use | Communicating conservation efforts can make a real difference. Plus, technology tools help to track water usage and goals.

2021 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey of Facility Executive readers, votes were cast for product and service suppliers preferred during 2020.

UV-C Lighting For Healthy Facilities | Ultraviolet light already was in use to disinfect pathogens.Now, it’s being deployed against COVID-19.

Trends In Lighting Controls | A recent study examines current costs to install luminaire level lighting controls in facilities.

Sprinkler Systems And Maintenance | Follow inspection, testing, and maintenance steps to ensure this active fire protection system is in compliance.

Sprinkler Systems And Freezing Weather | Protect facilities from water damage with equipment that maintains auxiliary drains year-round.

COVID-19 On Campus, One Year Later | For many in higher education, budgets are tighter than ever while the efficacy of facilities services remains in the spotlight.

A Look At Energy Benchmarking Options | Stuck in a rut? There is more than one way to benchmark energy in buildings and plants.

Accessibility And Facilities | Ask the right questions to implement ADA compliant solutions.

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Facility Executive: February 2021 Issue

February 2021 Issue

Facility Executive February 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 1)

Editor’s Letter: Continuing To Adapt In 2021
Anne Cosgrove

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America in early 2020, facility management professionals and their teams responded by working diligently to understand the best course of action for their particular organization. This required reaching out to others both inside and outside of the industry. Society as a whole learned more about the threat, its impact on people in and around buildings, and how facilities teams could make changes to mitigate the threat and help to ensure the health of occupants. Now in early 2021, we know more about what can be done to protect people. Some have made changes expected to be permanent, while others are in a temporary scenario. Since 2003, this magazine has recognized a singular “Facility Executive of the Year” at the start of each year; for 2020, we chose to look at how a number of organizations made a difference.

Meanwhile, buildings still need maintenance and care outside of COVID-19 requirements and recommendations. Building envelope and exteriors continue to require attention for safety and enjoyment of all occupants, so this month’s issue features articles addressing building envelope and related maintenance.

In a year of adapting to changing conditions, the Facility Executive team made the move to a brand new office toward the end of 2020. The light-filled space is configured for current and future needs of our entire company. See the space, and read the story of our move here. And, if your organization relocated during 2020, share your story by sending a note to me at the email address below.



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February 2021 Issue: Contents

February 2021 Issue

Tech And FM: Technology For Healthy Workspaces | Facility professionals are leveraging established and emerging tech tools to support health and wellness in facilities.

The HVAC Factor: IAQ And Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems | To deliver on ventilation and energy efficiency conditions, facility managers may consider DOAS units for their buildings.

Three Sustainable Groundskeeping Ideas | Campus landscape operations can move toward greener practices with incremental changes.

A Look Back At 2020 | Facility executives and their organizations have met the evolving challenges from COVID-19 with a variety of ways.

Protecting Building Exteriors | Preventive, ongoing maintenance is vital for safety and aesthetics.

Safety During Building Restorations | Building envelope projects at secure facilities require specific planning measures.

Drones For Façade Inspections | Computer vision technology presents paradigm shift for building envelope maintenance.

A Look At Touchless Security | Protecting occupants includes a touch-free security experience.

New Office For Facility Executive | Group C Media, Inc., parent company of Facility Executive, has moved to a location tailor-made for current and future operations.

Exterior Lighting Retrofits | Upgrading illumination outside your buildings? Examine five areas that impact results.

Looking To Reorganize Janitorial Closets? | Consider these five tips to maintain safety and productivity.

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Facility Executive: December 2020 Issue

Facility Executive December 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 6)

Editor’s Letter: Lessons Learned & Looking Ahead
Anne Cosgrove

As I write this, the first supply of COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to be distributed through a complex infrastructure. While we do not know how the pandemic might be harnessed in the coming months, there is hope we may be approaching a new phase. At home, in our communities, and in the facilities you manage, the past nine months have tested the resolve of people all over the world, in all walks of life. Buildings, the setting for so many activities in our lives, have been a huge focus in terms of how to protect people from the virus, whether they have been present the entire time in mission-critical facilities, or to prepare for employees, students, or guests to return.

In this issue, we’ve included several articles on developments related to HVAC operations and maintenance to combat COVID-19. While the best practices and recommendations continue to evolve, these articles share information to help guide your decisions in both the near-term and long-term. Health and safety in buildings was a growing area of importance for facilities professionals prior to the pandemic, and all signs point to this remaining atop the list of priorities.

And as you’re looking for products and services to improve your facilities in other areas, check out SOLUTIONS 2021. Featured here are innovations in the market for the coming year. Peruse these offerings aimed at providing facilities professionals solutions for the new year and beyond.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and safe 2021!




December 2020 Issue: Contents

December 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: AI Gains Traction In Commercial Buildings | Facility management is seeing the benefits of artificial intelligence implementation in operations.

The HVAC Factor: Diagnose Systems, Then Treat | To protect against COVID-19 and other indoor air quality threats, plan steps to increase ventilation and improve filtration.

Energy Improvement Aims High | An energy “Retro Rumble” recognizes retro-commissioning project at former Nestlé Company headquarters.

Solutions 2021: Advancements In FM | As the new year approaches, these featured products are poised to support facility management needs.

Indoor Air Quality And The Pandemic | Here is a look at risk, energy use, and carbon impacts for commercial HVAC systems.

Mitigating Risk Of Aerosol Spread | Managing indoor air quality is more important than ever.

Safety In Manufacturing Plants During COVID-19 | Apply these early lessons learned to keep employees healthy in manufacturing facilities.

Parking Lots And Tripping Hazards | Without proper maintenance, wheel stops, manhole covers, and asphalt pose threats to pedestrians.

Floodplain Models And Facilities | Reduce risk and damage from floods by reassessing the conditions around building sites.

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Facility Executive: October 2020 Issue

October 2020 Issue
(Photo provided by TCF Center, Detroit, MI)

Facility Executive October 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 5)

Editor’s Letter: Sustainable And Strong Facilities
Anne Cosgrove

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains a central concern for facility management professionals. Along with the rest of the world, building professionals have learned much about the virus and how facility design, operations, and maintenance can be altered to help keep people safe from this threat. And, we continue to learn. Organizations, including the U.S. Green Building Council and the International WELL Building Institute, have stepped up to offer guidance tailored to this current health threat. Meanwhile, indoor air quality and effective cleaning procedures remain top of mind for facility management leaders and their teams.

In this evolving landscape, it seemed the industry’s focus on sustainability may have fell quiet for a while. But, it appears this was more of a regrouping. Environmental considerations are more important than ever, as climate impacts continue to threaten communities. Initiatives around combatting COVID-19 overlap with green building concerns in some aspects—in green cleaning efforts aimed at the virus, for example. And, buildings resilient against not only health threats but to extreme weather and manmade events remain an important goal.

As we continue the progress toward healthy, sustainable, resilient facilities, take a moment to review the accomplishments you’ve made thus far in 2020, and then forge ahead..




October 2020 Issue: Contents

October 2020 Issue
(Photo provided by TCF Center, Detroit, MI)

Tech And FM: Mass Notification Plays A Part During COVID-19 | This communication tool helps to keep facility stakeholders informed throughout a pandemic.

The HVAC Factor: A Look At Propane For HVAC Systems | This energy source offers an alternative in specific scenarios.

Maximize Service From Your Landscape Contractors | Communication with these service providers goes a long way toward an outstanding landscape.

Building Performance, Human Impacts | For optimal performance, people and buildings should be in sync.

Resilient Buildings As First Line Of Defense | Assess potential risks to maximize the protection your facilities can provide, and what it will withstand. Plus, the U.S. Green Building Council has resources to reference.

Green Buildings, Safety First | Four new pilot credits added to the LEED rating system include a focus on surface cleaning and indoor air quality.

The Way Forward With A New WELL Rating System | A task force formed by the International WELL Building Institute came together to create a health and safety program.

Designing For Wayfinding | Proper planning to guide facility occupants provides comfort and safety.

Second Act For Office Furniture | Reduce environmental impact by developing a reuse plan for workplace furnishings that are no longer needed.

Green Cleaning For Safety | New USGBC cleaning guidelines focus on sustainability, safely.

Renewable Energy: The Gift Of Solar Energy | Global Links, a Pittsburgh nonprofit, installed a solar energy array on its roof with a combination of financing tools.

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Facility Executive: August 2020 Issue

August 2020 Issue

Facility Executive August 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 4)

Editor’s Letter: Looking AheadAnne Cosgrove

As the Fall season approaches, many facilities teams evaluate what they have accomplished year-to-date and plan for the upcoming year. Understanding what is working well for sites, and looking at where and how to improve areas of operations and maintenance are top of mind come September. This time of year looks very different for facility management professionals—and, of course, you’re not alone. People in all walks of life and professions have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The last quarter of 2020 will be a challenge, but hopefully will be a time when new, effective protocols and processes begin to take hold.

This edition of the magazine addresses the evolution that facilities are undergoing, with articles that focus on the impacts of COVID-19 while also taking a look at everpresent facilities issues (see the roofing maintenance article and the pest management content). Security and safety are a focus in this issue with a look at the potential of audio for facility security. The safety coverage shares insights on social distancing strategies, accessibility issues, and preventing slip-fall incidents. As you and your teams continue to adapt to the new normal, we hope these articles will assist in your decision-making in moving forward.

And “the new normal” for hospitality facilities is discussed in two articles: The New Normal For Hospitality and Welcome Back: The New Hotel Stay. One of the hardest hit industries during the current crisis, hospitality facilities are finding ways to welcome back guests safely and comfortably. That, after all, is the goal of facility management leaders and their teams in every industry.




August 2020 Issue: Contents

August 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Cybersecurity And Facilities Systems | Assessment of OT/IoT infrastructure identifies vulnerabilities that can impact the organization as a whole.

The HVAC Factor: HVAC Systems and Reopening Buildings Amid COVID-19 | Examine your facility’s HVAC systems with airflow, filtration, and humidity conditions considered.

Drones And Roof Maintenance | Commercial roofing inspections can be made easier and more effective with this technology.

Listen Up: The Sound Of Security | Network audio solutions can be a critical element of facility security and safety systems.

Social Distancing In High-traffic Facilities | Plan, quantify, and reinforce is a strategy to keep people safe in dense occupancy spaces. Plus, five ways to improve accessibility during these times. And, prevent slip-fall incidents.

Laser Focused On Pest Birds | A new laser technology is well-suited to keep away pest birds from flat roofs and open spaces.

Pest Management Tips For Lodging Facilities | Take proactive measures to prevent infestations before these have a chance to materialize in these hospitality environments.

Find The Opportunity In Your Building Water Systems | Strike a balance between water safety and efficiency with a comprehensive water management program.

Five Tips For Hygienic Restrooms | Public spaces are scrutinized more than ever for cleanliness, and commercial restrooms are no exception.

The New Normal For Hospitality | As the hospitality industry adapts to the impact of COVID-19, guests and staff will encounter changes to put them at ease.

Welcome Back: The New Hotel Stay | Design is a key component of the guest experience, and adapting to the current climate will help ease worries.

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Facility Executive: June 2020 Issue

June 2020 Issue

Facility Executive June 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Moving Forward, SafelyAnne Cosgrove

As facility management professionals continue to adjust to the impact of the global pandemic, we’re steadily learning new ways to operate and maintain buildings. From adapting how building systems operate to revising cleaning and sanitation protocols, and from communicating with stakeholders to reconfiguring space and reimagining furniture and fixtures layouts, moving forward safely is the mantra around the industry.

Buildings that closed in the early weeks of the COVID-19 crisis are starting to reopen, or are planning with a target date in mind. And those facilities that stayed open throughout the past few months have seen significant changes to their buildings. And everyone is thinking differently than in the past—the past being just several months ago. The relative speed in which we’ve been learning about what best practices are in this “new normal” and how facility executives, their teams, and their partners have responded is testament to the agility and resourcefulness of those who work in facility management.

In this issue, we’ve included several articles to help guide your decisions moving forward with the pandemic top of mind in the world still today. A look at aerosol disinfection methods can be found in the Services & Maintenance coverage. And workplace design insights are shared with references available to the industry. And, we asked healthcare facilities designers to share thoughts on these spaces for the future, while an expert on aging shares insights for moving forward at senior living facilities with wellness at the forefront.

Sharing lessons learned is valuable, and I’d invite you to share your experiences by sending an email to me at [email protected].




June 2020 Issue: Contents

June 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Construction Data For Facilities Of The Future | Plan to grasp the full potential of today’s available technologies.

The HVAC Factor: Propane For Heating And Cooling | Suitable for a variety of facility types, this fuel source can provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Aerosol Disinfection In A Pandemic World | COVID-19 has emphasized the need for health-based cleaning, particularly for high contact touch points.

Returning To Work: The New Office | Facility management teams are central to providing a safe, productive workplace.

Tech In The New Workplace | Communication, space reservations, and more are at your fingertips in a post-COVID-19 office.

Future Proof Access Control | Choosing security equipment for access control should take into account present and future demands and capabilities.

Tips For Touch-Free Plumbing Retrofits | Accomplish this facility project with minimal interruption to service.

Maximizing Energy Projects | Work with energy service companies to set goals and improve facilities energy performance.

Five Changes On The Horizon For Parking Facilities | Look beyond the short-term impact of COVID-19 on parking management operations.

Healthcare Facilities Design After COVID-19 | Look at five areas of focus when rethinking facility layout. Plus, evaluate flooring for healthcare spaces. And, how will senior living settings look moving forward?

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Facility Executive: April 2020 Issue

June 2020 Issue

Facility Executive April 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Human ResourcefulnessAnne Cosgrove

A little more than one month ago, I took a day out of the office to attend a regional trade show nearby. As my colleague and I made the hour drive to the conference center, we agreed that we would avoid shaking hands with those we met at the exhibit booths or while walking the aisles. It was late February, and the concern about coronavirus (now COVID-19) was beginning to hit a new level in our state of New Jersey. Once on the show floor, I remembered my self-imposed ban on handshakes and refrained. But, soon enough I was shaking hands and back to the normal greeting virtually all of us utilize at these industry events. Thankfully, I’m in good health as I type this letter to you. But, what a difference one month makes. Here we are in the midst of this crisis, and depending where you are, waiting for “the curve to flatten.”

This situation is affecting us all, in more ways than I, as an individual, can imagine. And the perspectives and experiences are vast. But one thing I’d like to comment on is the resourcefulness of people around the world, but also the facility management and buildings industry. From remote working and learning to revamping manufacturing lines to produce medical PPE, and from donations to newly forged partnerships, our staff has had the privilege of having a window into how this industry is banding together to keep people safe, facilities operating, and more.

So, thank you facilities professionals. Thank you manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Thank you to the associations and other groups that have come together. Thank you to all who are doing your part to get through this crisis.




April 2020 Issue: Contents

April 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Anti-Drone Technology For Facilities | For security-sensitive sites, keep an eye to the sky.

The HVAC Factor: Paths to Improved Indoor Air Quality | Help improve indoor air quality with higher MERV ratings and supplemental filtration.

Facility Retrofit: Work Order System Streamlined | The Buckeye Elementary School District in Arizona implements facilities software to maintain its buildings and grounds.

Protecting Commercial Restrooms From Pests | Tackle each area of restroom facilities to maximize pest management efforts.

HVAC Filtration and COVID-19 | The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all aspects of facility management. This story provides insight on HVAC issues.

2020 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey, Facility Executive readers cast their votes for preferred product and service suppliers in 2019.

Networked Lighting Controls: Realize The Savings | Beyond energy savings, these lighting controls are a pathway to intelligent use of space and better building diagnostics.

Simulating Natural Light With LEDs | Looking for LED lighting to deliver color rendering that enhances visual comfort for occupants pays off.

Advancements in Smoke Detectors | The updated UL 268, Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems will be in effect June 2021.

Five Ways to Begin Energy Benchmarking | For actionable insight, buildings are increasingly tracking and comparing energy performance.

Data Center Trends to Watch in 2020 | Uptime Institute has identified factors impacting data centers for this year and beyond.

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