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A routine day for facility managers is anything but routine, but that's why so many professionals enjoy the challenges. This issue covers everything from occupant health, life safety, business continuity, and data centers.
A routine day for facility managers is anything but routine, but that's why so many professionals enjoy the challenges. This issue covers everything from occupant health, life safety, business continuity, and data centers.


Recent Issues

Latest: March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2) - A routine day for facility managers is anything but routine, but that's why so many professionals enjoy the challenges. This issue covers everything from occupant health, life safety, business continuity, and data centers.

March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2)

TFM March 2014

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2014TFM March 2014

Tricks Of The Trade: Transitioning To Facility Management and Best Practices Pursuits

FM Frequency: Occupant Well-Being | Occupants benefit from effective cleaning practices along with other strategies.

Technology And FM: Building A Green Data Center | Whether pursuing LEED certification or not, the rating system’s standards provide clear guidance.

Facility Retrofit: Delivering Daylighting | At Douglas County, CO schools, daylighting has become a standard.

Services & Maintenance: Energy Improvement Plans | There are numerous avenues to conservation, and facility managers can integrate their plans into long-term strategies.

FM Issue: Safer And Stronger | Fire systems and policies at the University of Iowa have been revamped. A sidebar article on sprinkler systems can help facilitate selection.

Data Center Trends: Monitoring Data Centers | Crucial to successful operation is choosing the best system to track power conditions.

K-12 Case Study: Education Renovation | In Herculaneum, MO, improvements at four school facilities were put in place through an energy performance contract.

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January/February 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 1)

Today’s Facility Manager: January/February 2014tfm-janfeb-2014-cover

Tricks Of The Trade: Fire Extinguisher Codes and Furthering Facilities Careers

The HVAC Factor: Standard Maintenance | When planning a system cleaning, consulting NADCA’s updated ACR standard can assist.

Professional Development: Follow The Leader | Facility managers empower themselves and their staff when they adopt five qualities.

Services & Maintenance: Composting Programs | Diverting organic matter from the landfill adds another dimension to recycling policies.

2014 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey, TFM asked its readers to cast their votes for preferred suppliers based on their buying experiences in the past year.

TFM 2014 Facility Executive Of The Year | Ted Bielicky, CFM, senior director of facilities for Novo Nordisk, oversaw the company’s new North American headquarters project.

FM Issue: Withstand The Weather | Put in place to protect facilities, roofs are subject to a variety of threats.

HVAC Trends: Controls Conversion | A switch from pneumatic to digital for HVAC controls does not have to be all-or-nothing.

High Tech Case Study: Fitting In | A new 10,000 square foot data center in Seattle, WA was up and running in 100 weeks.

Renewable Energy: Solar Power And Life Safety | Facility managers operating solar PV systems need to communicate with first responders.

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December 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 11)

Today’s Facility Manager: December 2013 tfmcoverdec2013

FM Solutions | Discovering new products and services to improve operations is a boon to a facility manager. TFM’s December 2013 issue featured a number of products recently introduced by industry suppliers, and Anne Cosgrove, TFM’s Editor in Chief, spoke with some of these vendors about how their offerings are designed to help facility managers further their goals in 2014.

2013 Trends Recap | Ushering in a new year does not mean the projects and goals already in motion come to an end. This feature provides a look back at the topics analyzed in TFM‘s Trends coverage during 2013 and contains information facility managers need to know now and throughout 2014.

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November 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 10)

Today’s Facility Manager: November 2013 Unknown

Tricks Of The Trade: Gauging Customer Service and Energy Usage Patterns

FM Frequency: Taking Care of Business | Columnist Charles Carpenter highlights possible missed opportunities for lower total cost of ownership.

Professional Development: Effective Tech Infrastructure | Organizational network standards impact more than the facilities data center.

Services & Maintenance: Indoor Air Concerns | To prevent or mitigate concerns from occupants, facility managers can focus on five potential sources of trouble.

Roofing Trends: Limiting Overhead Risk | Consistent safety measures contribute to extending the service life of facility roofs.

FM Issue: Brawn Over Buzz | Integrating building management systems calls for facility managers to connect with IT counterparts.

Senior Living Case Study: Active Enhancements | In Wichita Falls, TX, a community centered addition expands nursing care residents’ horizons.

Renewable Energy: From Pipe Dream To Mainstream | Apple, Google, and IKEA are doing it. How feasible is it for a broad array of organizations to go for 100% clean energy?

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October 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 9)

Today’s Facility Manager: October 2013TFMOct2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Tackling Sewage Odors and Roofing Research

Technology And FM: Disaster Tech | Preparing for the worst case is a sound approach when considering natural disaster threats.

The HVAC Factor: Keeping Steady With Geothermal | This renewable energy approach maintains crucial temperatures for a research facility in North Carolina.

Professional Development: What People Want | With the demand for wireless connectivity here to stay, a distributed antennae system is an option.

Services & Maintenance: Security Merge | Implementing new measures into an existing facility should take into account the assets already in place.

Green Cleaning Trends: Cleaning With Electrolyzed Water | This chemical free cleaning process is effective for many applications. Also, create a green cleaning program, and ensure eco-friendly power washing.

FM Issue: Financing Renewable Energy | Facility managers interested in cleaner power sources may find projects more feasible with emerging funding options.

LEED Case Study: To Sustain And Support | Certified LEED Gold, Seattle University’s Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons brings together a plethora of learning resources.

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September 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 8)

Today’s Facility Manager: September 2013tfmseptcover

Tricks Of The Trade: Forklift Damage Issues And FM Licensing Requirements

FM Frequency: Best Of The Best | With diverse talents and a proactive nature, Winston Churchill might have excelled in facility management.

Professional Development: Open Dialogue | Communication is key to successful construction, and facility managers can steer the conversation.

Services & Maintenance: Stemming The Tide | Applying principles from EPA’s WaterSense program results in water and energy savings.

FM Issue: The Calm Before The Storm | As extreme weather events persist, a group of industry professionals compiled recommendations to strengthen mission critical facilities.

Energy Management Trends: The Power Of Plugs | According to recent research, plug loads are the fastest growing energy use item in commercial facilities.

Hotel Case Study: At Your Service | In Oshkosh, WI, the new Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel was renovated on a tight timeline.

Renewable Energy: Sizing Up Solar PV | Before taking the solar power plunge, consider several factors to ensure a good fit.

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August 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 7)

Today’s Facility Manager: August 2013tfmaugcover

Tricks Of The Trade: Sub-Carpet Discoveries And Continuing Education

Technology and FM: Security Perimeters | Fence mounted sensors, electromagnetic fields, and intelligent cameras are among the tools to consider.

The HVAC Factor: Spiral Round Ductwork | This alternative to rectangular ducting provides increased efficiencies in the right conditions.

Professional Development: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) | The increased use of mobile devices spurs facility managers to introduce formal policies for their staff.

Services & Maintenance: Lighting Retrofits With LEDs | The use of LED technology in a variety of facility applications continues to expand.

FM Issue: Cool Down | Reflective roofing reduces the heat that penetrates into a facility. Plus, at Duke Medicine in Durham, NC, vegetative roofs help stormwater management.

Security Trends: Elevating Safeguards | Near field communications (NFC) provides robust capabilities for access control systems and more. Also, surveillance cameras enhance outdoor security.

Manufacturing Case Study: At A Swift Pace | In Welland, Ontario, a manufacturing plant is brought online in an abbreviated timeline. Plus, the U.S. Department of Energy continues its Better Buildings, Better Plants program.

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July 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 6)

Today’s Facility Manager: July 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Comprehensive Audits and High-Tech Cigarettes

FM Frequency: A Place Called Subiaco | Nestled in the Arkansas River valley, what began as a monastery in 1878 has expanded to a multiuse facility.

Professional Development: Not Your Father’s Metal Building | Since the Quonset hut was introduced in the 1940s, research on making this material perform is ongoing.

Services & Maintenance: Honing In On Pest Birds | Inspection, implementation, and follow-up forge the path to reducing this nuisance. Also, modifying glass façades help save birds from fatal collisions.

Web Based FM Trends: The Internet Of Things | While many facility systems already employ web-based tools, the emergence of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a game changer.

FM Issue: NextGen Electrical | Enclosing metering equipment in circuit breakers boosts monitoring capabilities. Plus, addressing power inefficiencies improves data center operations.

Higher Education Case Study: Future Proof | A new classroom facility at Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee, CA was designed to anticipate demands over the horizon.

Renewable Energy: Combined Heat And Power With Fuel Cells | Producing on-site power with this technology reduces pollutants and  increases efficiency.

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June 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 5)

Today’s Facility Manager: June 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Quote Overload and Disaster Planning

Technology and FM: COBie Data Format | Applicable to the entire facility life cycle, this digital tool eases information transfer.

The HVAC Factor: Wireless Thermostat Conversion | To improve energy use, an office building in Oakland, CA underwent this equipment retrofit.

Professional Development: Equipment Leasing | Adding to facility inventory by renting can preserve cash flow in tough times.

Services & Maintenance: Extending Carpet Life | A consistent maintenance program geared to specific facility conditions keeps this floor surface vibrant.

Building Automation Trends: Building Automation Evolution | What began more than 20 years ago is undergoing another seismic shift.

FM Issue: Surplus Furniture | When tasked with disposing of unwanted inventory, donation is one solution. Also, facility managers can apply the value of outdated furnishings toward new.

Corporate Headquarters Case Study: Target Market | In Cambridge, MA, Forrester Research has moved into a headquarters site that provides the worldwide reach it requires.

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May 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: May 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Multiple Site MRO and “In Or Out?”

FM Frequency: Warning Signs | Workplace hostility might not lead to outright conflict, but facility managers can still keep an eye out for these conditions.

Professional Development: The Energy Future | The past century has brought significant changes to how buildings operate, and the next 100 years will not doubt bring many more.

Services & Maintenance: Minimal Overhead | When choosing ceiling products, facility managers can achieve both visual and performance goals.

Furniture Trends: Productive Provisions | The way occupants work continues to guide furniture purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, GlaxoSmithKline goes “office free” at its new Philadelphia headquarters.

FM Issue: Chemical Safety Changes | OSHA’s revised Hazard Communication Standard impacts many facility managers. Plus, roof safety that adheres to OSHA standards protects workers.

Hospital Case Study: Healthy Focus | In Tyler, TX, a new heart hospital is designed to ease the patient experience. Meanwhile, facility managers preparing for The Joint Commission should check their documentation.

Renewable Energy: Waste As Power Source | For many materials, there’s a second life to be had with the proper processing.

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April 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 3)

Today’s Facility Manager: April 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Credential Management And Temperature Complaints.

Technology And FM: The Internet Of Things | Digital connectivity down to the smallest electronic component may arrive in facilities within the next decade.

The HVAC Factor: Boiler Maintenance | Regular checks and tune ups help ensure this equipment is running safely and efficiently.

Professional Development: Where The Rubber Meets The Road | Facility managers can extract the information they need when using the right mix of technology tools.

Service & Maintenance: Grounds Check | Hiring an experienced service provider can reap more than a healthy landscape.

Lighting Trends: Lighting Decisions | A recent TFM survey asked facility management professionals the “who, what, where” of their recent and future equipment upgrades.

FM Issue: Moving Target | Though security threats may be unpredictable and vary by facility, there are central principles managers can follow.

Government Case Study: Stand Firm | In Biloxi, MS, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs campus completes a master plan.

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March 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 2)

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2013TFMMarch13_FINAL

Tricks Of The Trade: Hiring An Outside Facility Auditor And BYOD Policy Challenges

FM Frequency: Lost In Translation | When tasked with managing facilities in other nations, there is bound to be a learning curve.

Professional Development: Construction Disruption | BIM and cloud computing are among the game changing technologies used for project delivery.

Service & Maintenance: Funding Energy Projects | Even in a tough economy, there are incentives and rebates to be found.

Special Report: Comprehensive Exam | With security measures in K-12 schools under review, facility managers play an integral part.

Data Center Trends: Driving The Data Center | Preventive maintenance, operational baselines, and even weather patterns help managers deliver reliability and efficiency.

FM Issue: Safeguarding Fire Systems | Web-based assessment of equipment helps raise the bar on safety and compliance.

Renewable Energy: Shining Light On Solar Energy Choices | When pursuing this power source, evaluating equipment, life cycle, and financing issues are essential.

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January/February 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 1)

Today’s Facility Manager: January/February 2013tfmjf2013cover

Tricks Of The Trade: Fire Door Tags And Facility Renewal Planning

Technology and FM: Integrating Security Systems | Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) connects facility resources into a common platform.

The HVAC Factor: Thinking “Inside The Box” | Even efficiently run equipment can be improved by these 10 suggestions.

Professional Development: Avoid Construction Rework | Part of keeping a project budget in check involves employing some practical strategies.

Services & Maintenance: Maintaining Resilient Flooring | A cleaning regimen that addresses the characteristics and location of these surfaces is most effective.

Special Feature: 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards | Now in its 20th year, TFM‘s annual survey reveals the industry suppliers favored by readers.

Special Feature: TFM 2013 Facility Executive Of The Year | J.B. Messer, director of facilities management at Oklahoma City Community College, applies a systematic approach to campus improvements.

FM Issue: Recipe For Roof Coatings | The revitalization of this facility zone is best served by careful specification and application.

HVAC Trends: Refrigerant Update | As the phaseout of the high global warming impact substances used in HVAC/R equipment ramps up, research on suitable alternatives continues.

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November 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 11)

Today’s Facility Manager: November 2012

Tricks Of The TradeFan BeltsRoof Leaks, and Overhead Lighting Changes | Tricks Of The Trade Columnist Kevin Folsom shares his expertise on a wide range of troublesome topics.

The Facility Technologist: Video Beyond Borders | No longer confined to traditional display screens, this medium is providing expanded options.

Professional Development: A Step Above The Rest | In many settings facility management professionals are being called upon to diversify their skills.

Services & Maintenance: Three Steps To Roof Replacement | Design, construction, and maintenance issues should be carefully evaluated before facility managers embark on a project.

IAQ Trends: Conundrum In The Air | Providing healthy indoor environments often challenges energy efficiency strategies.

FM Issue: Integrated Systems, Effective Operations | Technology makes it possible for facility systems to work together and increase productivity.

Senior Living Case Study: A Vibrant Connection | Facilitating movement—both inside and out—was one driver behind a retirement community expansion in North Andover, MA.

Renewable Energy: EV Infrastructure | Whether for fleet management or to accommodate customers, electric vehicle charging stations are slowly gaining ground.

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October 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 10)

Today’s Facility Manager: October 2012

green, sustainability, LEED, facility management

Tricks Of The Trade: Demand ResponseEvac Plans, and Healthcare Housekeeping  | Tricks Of The Trade Columnist Kevin Folsom zeroes in on real questions from real facility managers.

FM Frequency: Green Is In The Eye Of The Beholder | What defines sustainability for an organization depends on a variety of factors.

Professional Development: Changing Face Of Facility Management | Formal education offerings are increasing for those seeking a career in the profession.

The HVAC Factor: Variable Refrigerant Flow | Two hospital projects in the Southeast employed this technology for energy efficiency and comfort.

Services & Maintenance: Integrating Security Needs | Facility managers can leverage existing infrastructure to maximize the impact of their investments.

Alternative Energy Trends: Double Vision For Green Power | AT&T has enlisted the insight of its facility managers in its pursuit of increasing alternative energy use.

FM Issue: Eyeing The End Result | An integrated delivery approach to facility projects works to reduce life cycle costs.

LEED Case Study: Front And Center | A LEED Gold residence hall at North Carolina Central University provides much needed housing and more.

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September 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 9)

Today’s Facility Manager: September 2012

Tricks Of The Trade: Vibration Analysis, Data Management, and Career AdviceTFM‘s new Tricks Of The Trade Columnist Kevin Folsom tackles fresh topics.

The Facility Technologist: Data Center EvolutionNew and innovative strategies are affecting the way these spaces are designed and operated.

Professional Development: Reactive, Preventive, Or PredictiveFacility managers should consider which of these maintenance approaches works best for their situations.

Services & Maintenance: Proactive Energy ManagementAccess to real-time and historical information on usage leads to more efficient operations. Also featured is a look into the lighting controls retrofit at the Empire State Building.

FM Issue: Web Based FMCloud and mobile technologies help facility professionals keep track of the ever increasing amount of data they manage.

Trends: Where Blue Meets Green | Strategic choices in plumbing equipment steadily reduce water costs and consumption.

Case Study: A Welcome ReturnHit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Hyatt Regency New Orleans has been revamped and reconfigured.

Renewable Energy: The Air We BreatheThis month’s column shifts its focus from alternative power to conversations about “chemicals of concern.”

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August 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 8)

Today’s Facility Manager: August 2012

Tricks Of The Trade: Battery Operated Faucets, Data Management, and Pond Marshes | This long running TFM column is reintroduced with industry veteran Kevin Folsom digging in to answer reader questions about a variety of topics.

FM Frequency: Handling A Delicate Subject | An amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires workplaces to provide reasonable accommodations for nursing mothers.

Professional Development: Navigating Job Order ContractingThis procurement method enables facility managers to complete numerous projects with one contract.

The HVAC Factor: Energy Recovery Ventilation | Reducing the amount of new outdoor air required is possible with this type of technology.

Services & Maintenance: Lighting That PerformsOutfitting this building system to interact with others—such as HVAC and security—streamlines performance and energy use.

FM Issue: Signature Perimeter Security | Top managers at two prominent buildings provide insight on how to keep facilities safe.

Green Roof Trends: From LEED To RoofPoint | A recently launched sustainable guideline focuses on roofing and its specific characteristics.

Manufacturing Case Study: New And Improved | In Kansas City, MO, a greeting card maker has performed a sweeping overhaul of its facility.

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July 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 7)

Today's Facility Manager, July 2012

Today’s Facility Manager: July 2012

Today's Facility Manager, July 2012

The Facility Technologist: Social Media And Facility Management | Communicating with an increasingly dispersed occupancy can be more effective with tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Professional Development: Leveraging The Aging Worker | Mobile work management strategies help veteran facility managers train the next generation.

Services & Maintenance: Under Pressure | When dealing with pest birds, managers should first determine how entrenched the birds are at the facility.

FM Issue: Power Reliability For Facility Managers | A sound strategy goes beyond making sure the lights stay on.

Facility App Trends: Pocket Sized Productivity | From handheld devices to sophisticated field equipment, the latest technologies help improve operations efficiency.

Higher Education Case Study: Core Curriculum | The University of Maryland University College created a hub of academic activity for its students and staff.

Renewable Energy: How Low Can You Go? | A net zero energy facility, or close to it, can be a reality for an increasing number of organizations.

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June 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 6)

Today’s Facility Manager: June 2012

FM Frequency: Machines Don’t Clean Buildings… People Do: Part 2 | Creating clear guidelines on how a facility should be maintained helps to ensure satisfactory results.

Professional Development: Lightning Safety Tips | Mobile work management strategies help veteran facility managers train the next generation.

The HVAC Factor: How Does That Sound? | Acoustics are an important factor in occupant productivity, and this holds especially true in education facilities.

Services & Maintenance: The Right Fit | Purchasing pre-owned furniture calls for much the same approach as when buying new—doing research on the products and the service provider.

FM Issue: Say What You Mean! | A facility management strategy that aligns with the broader organizational vision is increasingly important.

Building Automation Trends: Beyond The Building | By collecting and analyzing data, managers can discover opportunities for efficiency within and around their facilities.

Corporate Headquarters Case Study: Across The Board | In Glendale, WI, a global corporate headquarters campus expansion employed technology and sustainability to move operations to the next level.

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May 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 5)

Today’s Facility Manager: May 2012

The Facility Technologist: Cloud Era Buildings | What opportunities will cloud computing present to facility management operations?

Professional Development: Construction Defect Litigation And Economic Damages | When errors in a building project lead to a legal dispute, facility managers can provide useful information for their organizations’ cases.

Services & Maintenance: Making Ceilings Count | There are six criteria to consider when evaluating this interior element.

Furniture Trends: The Green Scene | Furnishings are an essential aspect of facility wide sustainable design decisions.

FM Issue: Sounds Great | Guiding occupants to the nearest emergency exit can be improved through directional sound technology.

Hospital Case Study: Comfort Level | The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL soothes patients and their families in its new freestanding facility.

Renewable Energy: The Power Of Reclaimed Cooking Oil | Making biodiesel for vehicles has been a focus for this material, but facility boilers are also receptive to this fuel source.

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April 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: April 2012

FM Frequency: Machines Don’t Clean Buildings… People Do | Keeping in mind the demands on cleaning staff enhances a facility manager’s ability to oversee this service.

Professional Development: Is It Time For The Wrecking Ball? | Determining whether or not to continue investing in a facility is easier with accurate and current data.

The HVAC Factor: Reducing Water Consumption | Changes to cooling tower operations and maintenance help conserve this resource.

Services & Maintenance: Getting The Message Across | Defining objectives is key to developing effective mass facility warning and notification strategies.

FM Issue: Lighting Boost | With technology improvements, there is continued opportunity for facility managers to upgrade their systems to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Green Design Trends: Raising The Bar | The recently accepted International Green Construction Code (IgCC) sets new standards for building energy efficiency.

Retail Case Study: Purchase Power | In Dedham, MA, energy improvements keep a Stop & Shop supermarket up to date with a company wide store prototype.

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March 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 3)

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2012

The Facility Technologist: Larger Than Life | From projectors to flat panel displays to video cubes, large format video screens provide visual solutions for many facility needs.

Professional Development: Avoiding The Chill Of ICE | U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is focusing on auditing and investigating employers suspected of violating workplace hiring practices.

Services & Maintenance: What Energy Where? | For seeking to track and manage power usage, metering single or multiple zones in a facility provides actionable data.

Security Trends: Security And Access Control | The constantly evolving challenges of keeping a building secure is the reality for facility managers.

FM Issue: Playing With Fire | Safe and accessible egress for all building occupants is paramount, and existing and just released standards help guide the way.

K-12 Case Study: “A” Is For Agriculture | In Lexington, KY, a new high school widens the field of learning for students pursuing agricultural instruction.

Renewable Energy: Integrating Into The Grid | As the concept of smart energy grid develops, the role of solar, wind, and other green power is one focus.

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February 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 2)

data centers, readers' choice awards

Today’s Facility Manager: February 2012data centers, readers' choice awards

FM Frequency: Who Wrote The “Book” On Facility Management? | Keeping vital information current requires systematic record keeping by designated staff members.

Professional Development: “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Do” | Even with a clear vision of how FM fits in the organization, it’s still crucial to outline a strategy.

The HVAC Factor: Solar Hot Air | Drawing from the sun, these systems heat up the fresh air requirement brought into a facility.

Services & Maintenance: Breaking It Down | Ensuring materials do not unnecessarily end up in a landfill is a prime goal of a waste management plan.

2012 Readers’ Choice Awards | A recent survey of TFM readers reveals favored product and service providers in 45 categories.

Roofing Trends: Roofing In The Spotlight | Several important initiatives will have an impact, particularly for the existing building sector.

FM Issue: Connecting The Dots | When making the move to a centralized data center, facility managers must ask five important questions.

Government Case Study: Fluid Movement | As a manager of water resources for the federal government, the Bureau of Reclamation incorporates efficiency into its new Boulder City, NV office.

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January 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 1)

facility management

Today’s Facility Manager: January 2012facility management

The Facility Technologist: Tech For 2012 | Upgraded computerized capabilities in a facility pump up image and productivity.

Professional Development: Greenhouse Gas Audits | The EPA requires emissions reporting from a handful of industries right now, but facility managers should be prepared for that to change.

Services & Maintenance: Effective Green Cleaning | Informed choices on products and processes help to ensure successful, environmentally friendly maintenance.

TFM 2012 Facility Executive Of The Year | Having established a five year facility plan, Robert Wengel, vice president of facilities at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, is delivering results.

HVAC Trends: Down The Line | HVAC systems that operate efficiently depend on the actions of all facility stakeholders.

FM Issue: Severe Weather Watch | Whether it’s freezing temperatures or wild winds, the onset of extreme forces of nature requires facility managers to be prepared.

High-Tech Case Study: Tools For Learning | At Loma Linda University in Southern California, a recently completed high-tech medical instruction building takes teaching to the next level.

Renewable Energy: PACE Financing | Available for energy related improvements, Property Assessed Clean Financing (PACE) is emerging in select U.S. markets.

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December 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 12)

Today’s Facility Manager: December 2012

2012 Solutions: Advancements in Facility Management Products and Services | Discovering new products and services to improve operations is a boon to a facility manager. TFM’s December 2011 issue featured a number of product and service solutions recently introduced by industry suppliers, and Anne Cosgrove, TFM’s Managing Editor, spoke with some of these vendors about how their offerings are designed to help facility managers further their goals in 2012.

Anixter (Cabling & Cable Management) | Doug Deputy, vice president of solutions marketing, outlines the company’s Data Center HealthCheck service, which helps facility managers achieve the reliability, efficiency, and security they need to ensure for their organization’s data center.

Chicago Faucets (Plumbing & Restrooms) | Leonard Garron, commercial central regional sales manager, discusses one of the the company’s latest additions —- the Commander Handheld Programming Unit, which enables facility management staff to control the programmability of its electronic faucet line with ease.

Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. (Roofing) | Steve Ruth, vice president of sales & marketing, discusses how in the past 12 months the company has introduced new membrane lines to help meet specific facility needs: fleece backed, new colors, and, most recently, a full line of insulation products for not only edge-to-edge roof systems but also a deck to sky assembly.

Hygienic Solutions US (Cleaning & Maintenance) | Alfonzo Hestle, vice president of sales and marketing, explains how the company’s Sanosil and Halo Fogger, an EPA registered disinfectant system, can disinfect an area without the need for spraying or wiping, which helps treat hard to reach areas.

LiftMaster (Access Control) | Dan Dombkowski, marketing manager, explains how the company’s door operator products are manufactured to comply with September 2010 code changes made by Underwriters Laboratories. To heighten safety measures, the change requires door operators to have a monitored entrapment protection device attached to it.

RAB Lighting (Lighting Products & Controls) | Ross Barna, CEO of RAB Lighting, shares that during 2012 the company will launch new LED products for outdoor lighting each month. The company’s LPACK family of wallpacks is an LED offering designed to replace HID wattages from 25 to 400 watts.

Sherwin-Williams (Paint & Wall Coverings) | Joe Kujawski, director, wholesale marketing, outlines the attributes of several products in the company’s Pro Industrial line—-which provides durability in the form of stain resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, and more.

Staples Facility Solutions (Cleaning & Maintenance) | Mark Fortney, area vice president, talks about three additions for 2012, which reflect the company’s focus on partnerships that serve facility customers — upgrade of chemical and equipment line, expanded offerings for the breakroom, and added resources to ensure new partnerships feature smooth transition and implementation.

Tridium, Inc. (Building Automation Systems) | Marc Petock, vice president of global marketing & communications, discusses Niagara Framework, specifically Release Niagara AX which is the company’s latest software release that integrates the different systems and devices within a building environment as one unified.

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November 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 11)

Today’s Facility Manager: November 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: The Difference Between Aluminum And CopperTricks Of The Trade Columnist Jim Elledge explains the nuances of these two options for installation in primary or secondary power electrical panels.

The Facility Technologist: Measuring Technology | While architects and engineers may not be concerned with accurate square footage, facility managers should be, and there are tools to help.

Professional Development: The Demise Of The Cubicle | As work styles are evolving, employees are spending less time in individual offices and more time working together.

Services & Maintenance: The Best Time Is Now | Winter weather can create many unseen building problems, which is why now is a perfect time for a roof inspection.

IAQ Trends: Take A Deep Breath | There are many benefits to improving facility indoor air quality (IAQ). But how can facility managers get it done?

FM Issue: Evolving With The Smarter Grid | Thinking about taking the plunge into the smart grid? There are four main themes to consider before getting started.

Senior Living Case Study: Phenix City Rising | After nearly four decades, it was time for Canterbury Healthcare Center to get a facelift and improve life for residents and staff.

Renewable Energy: Smart Balancing Of Renewable Energy With Green Buildings | Smart grid technology and its associated advancements may create a shift in how facilities consume energy.

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October 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 10)

Today’s Facility Manager: October 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Following Up On HVAC Trends | Tricks Of The Trade Columnist Jim Elledge examines the differences between various HVAC technologies being introduced to the market.

FM Frequency: Don’t Be A Lighthouse Keeper | When working with a multi-generational staff, facility managers must understand why employees behave in certain ways.

Professional Development: Reinventing The Plan Room Of The Future | Building Information Modeling can help facility managers stay up to date.

The HVAC Factor: Greening Schools, One HVAC Step At A Time | School districts in Illinois are beginning to embrace the benefits of retrofitting and building new facilities with the most energy efficient HVAC available.

Services & Maintenance: Star Power | Facility managers can use an EPA program to benchmark and manage energy.

Water Conservation Trends: Sustainable Water Management | There are opportunities for facilities professionals to take an active approach to conservation matters.

FM Issue: An Online Solution | Standards-based web tools can help facility managers cut costs and drive value.

Hotel Case Study: Bringing The Past Into The Present | A legendary Denver landmark gets a makeover while retaining its historic charm.

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September 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 9)

Today’s Facility Manager: September 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Maintenance Timetables, Tech Headcount, and Canadian Degrees | TFM‘s Tricks Of The Trade Columnist Jim Elledge provides answers to a range of reader questions.

The Facility Technologist: Seeing Is Believing! | A facility manager’s dream come true: real X-ray specs may be a (virtual) reality soon!

Professional Development: Revised Regulations | New standards of Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act can be decoded.

Services & Maintenance: Together As One | Integrating security systems and building management offers a multitude of benefits.

Special Feature: Going Directly To The Source | Bolstered by an association’s work, direct current (DC) is gaining momentum as a potential power distribution option that could help drive microgrid and net zero building initiatives.

FM Issue: Comparing Apples To Apples | Sensitivity analyses can be a useful tool for making life cycle cost comparisons.

Alternative Energy Trends: Follow The Sun | Is solar power the most promising alternative energy option or commercial buildings?

LEED Case Study: Pacific Platinum | The Vancouver Convention Centre uses innovative environmental solutions in its award winning expansion.

Renewable Energy: Think About A Growing Part Of The FutureThis month’s guest columnist believes it’s time for facility managers to invest in renewable energy.

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August 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 8)

Today’s Facility Manager: August 2011

FM Frequency: The Facility Manager In The Gray Flannel Suit | Carpenter makes reference to a classic 1956 Gregory Peck film to illustrate the facility professional’s struggle with duality.

Tricks Of The Trade: Asset Management’s Market and Hospital Staffing Support | Facility management guru Jim Elledge covers two very different topic’s in this month’s Q&A column.

Professional Development: Stay In Shape For Survival | It’s possible to use ergonomics to beat the downturn in the economy.

The HVAC Factor: Heading Off Trouble With Technology | Facility management staff can detect HVAC equipment problems sooner using automated tools. This article covers five options worthy of consideration.

Services & Maintenance: Incandescent Lamp Phase Out | A 2007 federal law calls for manufacturers to cease making these products beginning January 1, 2012.

Green Roof Trends: Turning Up The Heat On Cool Roofs | Momentum is gathering for the elastomeric roof coatings movement.

FM Issue: Cutting Perimeter Security CornersThe decision to scale back protective measures may come at a significant cost to facilities.

Manufacturing Case Study: Shape UpIn a new location, an Illinois-based manufacturing company optimizes operations in more ways than one.

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July 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 7)

Today’s Facility Manager: July 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Facility Management In Nigeria and The Power Of Energy Data | Jim Elledge looks at the international certification options and energy management data initiatives.

The Facility Technologist: High Tech Buildings Are Only As Productive As Their Backup | With more sensitive, computer-based technologies in use today, having dependable, instantaneous reserve power is increasingly important.

Professional Development: Helpful Hints For Evaluating Contractor Bids | Ensuring efficiency can reduce long-term costs and unexpected surprises.

Services & Maintenance: Solutions For Pest Birds | Finding an effective cure for this nuisance involves evaluating specific factors.

Facility App Trends: What’s Up With Apps? | Savvy mobile applications may help facility pros manage more effectively and efficiently..

FM Issue: Cutting Costs With Monthly Utility Bill Analysis | In today’s competitive environment, facility managers must cut costs without sacrificing building performance.

Retail Case Study: Marketable Investment | A shopping mall in the Gold Coast of Connecticut has been reinvented with an extensive remodel.

Renewable Energy: Flywheel Technology For Energy Storage And Backup? | This low maintenance mechanical device provides temporary power on demand.

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June 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 6)

Today’s Facility Manager: June 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Achieving CFM Status | Jim Elledge provides a clear explanation of the CFM process.

FM Frequency: Pinching Pennies; Counting Quarters | Seemingly small changes to operations can save a significant amount for facilities management.

Professional Development: Keeping Tabs On Facilities | Self evaluation of the condition of organizational assets can be a valuable complement to more comprehensive, often contracted, assessments.

The HVAC Factor: Preventing Legionella | Acoustics are an important factor in occupant productivity, and this holds especially true in education facilities.

Services & Maintenance: Have A Seat | Whether economics or environment is the primary driver, buyers should look at all the angles when considering pre-owned furniture.

Project Management Trends: Enhancing Value | Integrating CAFM data is key for facility managers to maximize the return they reap from information gathering efforts.

FM Issue: Building A Better Future | In January 2011, President Obama announced an initiative to promote energy efficient upgrades, and there are other tools for facility managers as well.

Corporate Headquarters Case Study: Tasty Amenities | The Campbell Soup Company added to the palette at its world headquarters building in Camden, NJ.

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May 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 5)

TFMMay11_FINALToday’s Facility Manager: May 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: The Ins And Outs Of Asset Management | “Tricks” Columnist Jim Elledge provides a thorough breakdown of inventory management options for facility professionals.

The Facility Technologist: Tablet Frenzy! | Handheld computing lends mobility to facilities staff, but Condon advises fms to make sure the need is there before buying.

Professional Development: Not Only Money Is Green | WIn new and existing buildings, sustainable measures render notable budget savings when executed effectively.

Services & Maintenance: Options Abound Above | There are many ceiling choices for all types of facility space needs.

Furniture Trends: Green Certifications Get More Comprehensive | Furniture labeling systems are evolving from single attribute claims to more comprehensive measures.

FM Issue: HazCom Compliance Made Simple | Key to maintaining OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard is familiarity with material safety data sheets.

Hospital Case Study: A Holistic Treatment | After 20 years of operation, A Portsmouth, NH hospital expanded and updated to improve the patient experience.

Renewable Energy: Evaluating A Third-Party Financing Option | Putting projects in motion with outside funding should be considered when the conditions are right.

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April 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: April 2011

FM Frequency: Machines An Argument In Favor Of Human Cloning | Facility managers who often need to be in two places at once may find promise in the suggestions offered in this column.

The HVAC Factor: High Volume, Low Speed Fans | This equipment can be a useful strategy to reduce a facility’s heating and cooling load.

Services & Maintenance: Fire Safety Check | A building protection system is only as good as the sum of its parts.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Gaining Control Over Lighting–The Value Illumination Offers | A recent survey by TFM (in partnership with NEMA enLIGHTen America) provides insight into how facility managers view lighting upgrades.

Green Design Trends: Facility Managers As Keepers Of The Flame | To maximize performance of a building’s systems, it helps to make occupants aware of key aspects.

Law Firm Case Study: Purchase Power | In Princeton, NJ, a law firm takes hold of the opportunity to convey its identity at a new regional office.

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March 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 3)

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Call Center Characteristics And Meeting Room Scheduling Signage | Elledge takes a basic look at dealing with call centers and meeting room priorities.

The Facility Technologist: Mass Notification Systems – Getting The Word Out | Relaying information to large groups of people is invaluable, so it’s important to select and integrate the best technological strategy.

Professional Development: Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of Commissioning | Facility managers will maximize their investment in this process by understanding what each stage offers.

Services & Maintenance: Energy Improvements | Managing staff behavior is a key to maintaining project benefits over time.

Safety Trends: Mass Notification Decoded | A key to an effective, facility wide solution is not only choosing the right equipment but complying with the latest code requirements.

FM Issue: Bomb Scare | The threats facility professionals have to protect their facilities against today are not only explosives.

Education Case Study: Urban Learning | The Parker H. Petit Science Center at Georgia State University is the new home for several of the school’s science departments and research facilities.

Renewable Energy: In Pursuit of Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs) | As the concept of smart energy grid develops, the role of solar, wind, and other green power is one focus.

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