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Since 1964, our customers have been saving the world’s energy, reducing pollution, and saving themselves money because Magnaray® products pay for themselves, then continue to save their owners money year after year. Many products sold since 1968 are still in service today!

magnaray-international-division-professional-outdoor-lighting-solutions-before-afterMagnaray® International provides the highest quality professional outdoor lighting solutions made today, with a 5 year warranty (abuse, lamp excepted), and typical 25 year useful life. Our products are used for streets, walkways, security, landscape, sports, and any other outdoor lighting solution you may need! Interior warehouse and factory lighting applications also benefit from our product technology.

Energy savings is usually above 70%, and maintenance costs are reduced by at least 50%. LED retrofit devices are being properly developed to provide the best solutions for future sources, and will only be released to the market when reliable, cost effective, high quality products become available. Units are instant-on, reduce glare, and provide extremely visually efficient, effective lighting solutions.

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