MAGNETACH Surface Preparation Accessories

General Equipment Company’ MAGNETACH® Tooling System is designed for use on single- and dual-head concrete grinding equipment

The MAGNETACH Tooling System from General Equipment Company is designed for use on single- and dual-head concrete grinding equipment with either left- or right-hand rotation. It features magnetic mounting and is compatible with surface preparation accessories from General Equipment Company, as well as competitive products using Lavina/EDCO mounting configurations. The MAGNETACH® line includes the M-Series DIAM-A-TACH™ diamond segment grinding system, PCD, and Tungsten Carbide floor coatings removal systems.Surface Preparation

The M-Series DIAM-A-TACH diamond segment grinding system offers a solution for a wide variety of surface preparation applications, including green concrete, fully cured concrete, high tensile epoxies, and many thin-film coatings. Matrix bonds are available for both soft/medium and hard concrete formulations with a grit range of 18 to 100. Decreasing grit size allows for meeting specific surface finishes requirements up to a pre-polish condition. The double segment design configuration offer the best combination of aggressiveness versus service life for the applied machine weight.

The M-Series PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) floor coatings removal system is made of diamond grit that is fused together under high pressure, along with a catalytic metal. It is used for removing thin-to-medium glues, mastics, covering materials, and cement levelers from concrete surfaces. Sacrificial segments are provided for the PCD inserts to aggressively remove materials, while acting as stabilizers and depth guides to minimize damage to the cap surface.

The MAGNETACH Tungsten Carbide Coatings Removal System efficiently removes a variety of urethanes, epoxies, paints, and many other materials from concrete surfaces. It can be a cost-effective alternative to shot blasting, grinding, manual scraping, or use of dangerous chemicals for coatings removal projects. The two Quad-Sert™ inserts are constructed of a high Cobalt-grade, Tungsten Carbide and incorporate eight tungsten carbide scraping edges/inserts. It’s also the only scraping system that is both statically and dynamically stable, which minimizes surface cap damage to further reduce project costs. The easy-to-use SCRAPE-R-TACH system also uses LordÒ type elastomeric mounts to follow minor variances in floor contours better than competitive systems allow, while substantially minimizing surface cap damage.

The Tungsten Carbide System is the only product using Lord®-type, elastomeric mounts that allow the inserts to pivot about two axis. This design feature better follows minor variances in floor contours to maximize the material being removed. Their inherent elasticity better reduces the effects of damaging shock loads to the machine when anchor bolts or other floor obstructions are encountered. Available in left- and right-hand rotation direction for use on single and dual head concrete grinding equipment.


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