Make sure those boots were made for walkin'–in New York City

Yes indeed, with only 10 days before Xmas, it looks like transit workers in the Big Apple are ready to ruin everyone’s holiday spirit by going on strike. And unlike strikes in major European cities (which usually last only one day and are not all inclusive–sort of like “rolling blackouts”), transit strikes in this country go on…and on…and on until they are resolved. So even though the Metropolitan Transit Authority has generously cut fares during holiday weekends this year, it doesn’t really matter; if an agreement isn’t reached by 12:01 tonight, no one will be using the nation’s largest public transportation anytime soon.

Carpooling (four people per car), walking (it never went above freezing yesterday), and cycling (it’s supposed to snow and sleet tonight) are being mentioned by Mayor Bloomberg for his (unrealistic) contingency plan. Business are being asked to anticipate travel delays for employees, and emergency vehicles will have an even more difficult time navigating the city’s choked streets. It should be fun. It’s nice to live and work in the ‘burbs sometimes, isn’t it?

More details can be found here.