Friday Funny: Make Work More Like Play With Emerging Technology

Posted by Heidi SchwartzRevizto 3D sample.

FacilityBlog has covered several technologies for the AEC community that are still in the earliest experimental stages. These developments are always fun to try, particularly for the new facility management professionals equipped with cutting edge engineering skills. But now, these experimental offerings are ready for the big time.

The latest cyber tool is an exclusive version of Revizto visual collaboration software with added Oculus Support. By incorporating Oculus, Revizto is poised to be the first AEC application with added virtual reality technology. It will allow Revizto users to explore building design and construction projects as truly immersive virtual experiences.

Revizto uses 3D gaming technologies to solve real-world problems in architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management. The company’s goal is to bring greater efficiency to the design, construction, and operation of large-scale facilities and urban environments.

The product makes it easy to use and explore; just connect Oculus Rift DK2 to PC or Mac and run Revizto Viewer. There is no need to involve any other specialists or setup additional software to view architectural projects in virtual reality (VR).

“We are proud that with adding VR technology to Revizto, we actually bring to life the first non-game application with VR capability for the AEC industry and represent a whole new level of visual collaboration. At the same time our users—architects, building designers, BIM managers—are among the first to get this privilege…to step inside their architectural projects and explore new worlds of their 3D models like never before,” says Arman Gukasyan, Revizto CEO and Founder, commented.

Revizto as a part of the BIM process is used through the whole project lifecycle, beginning from a concept stage up through facility management. Revizto allows users to showcase the project as a navigable 3D environment, and then build effortless collaboration within a project team: BIM managers, facility managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners.

Revizto is a suite of apps that combines powerful interactive 3D and cloud technologies to provide visual collaboration on building design and construction projects. In minutes, Revizto turns BIM and CAD models into navigable a 3D environment, preserving all object data including MEP.

The free Revizto viewer opens the resulting model on any platform (PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets) and enables users to explore the project in 3D. Handy real time tools, such as issue tracking systems and camera sharing, allow professionals to collaborate effectively with teammates and clients. Revizto helps to clear the air during collaboration and allows users to create projects faster, thus reducing mistakes and misunderstandings within the team.

Currently, Revizto is used by 30,000 users from 150 countries, including such worldwide corporations as Gensler, Glumac, SOM. Among big projects where Revizto was applied are London Heathrow airport, Disneyland China, and others. Revizto works with Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Trimble SketchUp and imports FBX and IFC files. It is available for purchase from Revizto online store.

Revizto is developed by Vizerra, a 3D software company. Vizerra has extensive experience developing very large scale architectural and industrial visualization projects for clients throughout the world, including the City of Barcelona, the 2014 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the World Heritage Foundation, among many others.

By adding the VR component to BIM, facility management could start to feel more like a game than a challenge.