March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2)

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2014TFM March 2014

Tricks Of The Trade: Transitioning To Facility Management and Best Practices Pursuits

FM Frequency: Occupant Well-Being | Occupants benefit from effective cleaning practices along with other strategies.

Technology And FM: Building A Green Data Center | Whether pursuing LEED certification or not, the rating system’s standards provide clear guidance.

Facility Retrofit: Delivering Daylighting | At Douglas County, CO schools, daylighting has become a standard.

Services & Maintenance: Energy Improvement Plans | There are numerous avenues to conservation, and facility managers can integrate their plans into long-term strategies.

FM Issue: Safer And Stronger | Fire systems and policies at the University of Iowa have been revamped. A sidebar article on sprinkler systems can help facilitate selection.

Data Center Trends: Monitoring Data Centers | Crucial to successful operation is choosing the best system to track power conditions.

K-12 Case Study: Education Renovation | In Herculaneum, MO, improvements at four school facilities were put in place through an energy performance contract.

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