MAXPRO Cloud Access Control Service by Honeywell

The MAXPRO® Cloud by Honeywell is a hosted video and access control service. This integrated, cloud-based system enables organizations to manage and view multiple sites from a single sign-on anytime and anywhere from the Internet. It is suitable for multi-location businesses such as retailers, franchises, quick service restaurants, professional services, small commercial properties, property management, and remote or temporary deployments.

access control serviceThe MAXPRO Cloud features an integrated business analytics system; a LINUX secure, stable multi-tasking real-time OS; and custom remote management options. Users can view live or recorded video from a computer or mobile device and can export and e-mail snapshots or clips. Events can be configured based on a schedule, motion detection, or triggers.

The MAXPRO Cloud access control service can accommodate both analog and digital cameras. This flexibility allows for transitions and upgrades to high quality digital video and an IP system. It records a maximum of eight channels per appliance, including up to four Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP cameras. With a recording and transmission compression algorithm of H.264, the analog video format is 352×240 (NTSC) (CIF) and 352×288 (PAL) (CIF) and the IP video format is 320×180, 640×360, 800×450, 1280×720, and 1920×1080.

The MAXPRO Cloud creates a secure connection to the cloud, and has the ability to stream high quality video while managing bandwidth. Events can be captured locally at higher resolution and frame rates, and then also stored in the cloud for backup. Video quality settings range from good to best (1-3). The recording rate on-site is up to 15fps for CIF to 720p and 7fps for 1080p. The offsite/cloud recording rate allows clips up to 32 seconds at 1080p, 7fps (best) to 300 seconds at CIF, 14fps (good).

With auto camera detection and a built-in network switch, the MAXPRO Cloud is designed for fast on-site deployment. Installation and setup is made easy with the MAXPRO Connect feature, which links the unit to the hosting center. The configuration webpage provides an intuitive configuration of event triggers and user parameters for each camera. The product is 19″ rack mountable or wall mountable with front panel LED data indicators.

The MAXPRO Cloud offers eight alarm inputs, two control outputs, and one arm/disarm. Arm and disarm allow the appliance to be active only when the alarm panel is armed. To reduce false alarms, MAXPRO Cloud uses up to four channels of smart video motion detection (SmartVMD) technology (analog only).

The MAXPRO Cloud access control service has an embedded 4 GB solid state drive. It is expandable through the addition of up to 1 TB USB external storage connected via the USB port or a NAS drive up to 8 TB.