MediaGlas Aesthetic & Functional Lighting Effects

Traxon Technologies and Galaxy Glass & Stone® Partner to Provide Finite Elements and Limitless Effects for Architectural Environments

MediaGlas™, manufactured by Galaxy Glass & Stone®, is a customizable line of monolithic and laminated architectural glass products designed specifically for use with Traxon and e:cue LED lighting and controls. This combination of LEDs and specialized architectural decorative glass is for backlighted LED applications and enables the transformation of architectural glazed surfaces into optical elements for endless lighting effects.

lighting effects (credit: Tom Sibley)MediaGlas can be used in a wide variety of LED displays from medium resolution image displays, to precisely color-controlled light emitting surfaces. These Installations can be designed for health and well-being or purely as a decorative element with luminous effects.

MediaGlas captures the aesthetic and functional applications of the product through the following two meanings of “media”:

  1. Aesthetics – the combination of light and glass creates a new artistic medium that has infinite appearances and forms.
  2. Functional – enables the communication of information with text and graphic imagery combined with its intelligent elemental control of light, color, intensity, directionality, and time, in an architectural surround.

MediaGlas is a monolithic or multi-ply laminated glazing unit consisting of light modifying “Elements” that diffuse, disperse, and reflect, while offering both aesthetic and functional purposes. Optical lighting effects such as diffusion, refraction, and diffraction are attained though a variety of materials and methods that draw upon a vast selection of glass substrates, patterns, resin formulations, optical films, and surface coatings and treatments.

lighting effects (credit: Tom Sibley)The combination of light and glass creates infinite appearances and forms, as well as enables the communication of information with text and graphic imagery in architectural applications. An e:cue Butler and Action Pad intelligently control MediaGlas for endless variations in color, intensity, directionality, and timing.

The MediaGlas collection also includes “Compounds”—preconfigured combinations of elements designed to highlight specific visual properties of point source LED arrays. For one-of-a-kind applications, the product specification system allows a limitless configuration of elements so that users can create original lighting effects by customizing their own compounds.

MediaGlas allows a customized solution to be more easily attained by offering a selection of elements characterized according to their LED-optimized light modifying effects, rather than by a particular material or process.

Galaxy offers various panel sizes up to and including custom and oversized panels in a variety of edge styles. Thicknesses range from 6mm to 50mm and beyond.