Medium Voltage Transformer & Switch

Pioneer’s Medium Voltage Transformer/Interrupting Switch Assembly with a range of options

Medium Voltage Transformer/Interrupter Switch Assemblies from Pioneer Dry Type Group provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective switching and fault protection for unit substations.Medium Voltage Transformer

Designing and manufacturing the fully integrated switch and transformer together ensures that the components work together. On-site assembly is simplified since all components are factory-tested as a single unit. Disconnected for delivery, all applicable cables are provided and clearly marked for reconnection. Full load current interrupting capability combined with accurate, calibrated fuse protection makes these designed-together packages suitable for industrial, utility, and commercial applications.

Available in 5KV and 15KV class models, for 600A or 1200 Amp Continuous Load interrupting rating, these value-added products enhance the extensive Pioneer product offering. The Transformer/Interrupting Switch Assembly provides a choice of market leading switch manufacturers, with or without fusing, NEMA 1 or 3R enclosures, and switch orientation on the right or left side of the transformer. Custom designs for specific applications are available. All Pioneer Medium Voltage Transformer/Interrupting Switch Assemblies meet IEEE, ANSI, UL, and CSA standards/certifications.

A wide range of options are also available, including Kirk Key interlocks, 4″ infrared window, current limiting fusing, blown fuse indicator, fuse clips, spare fuse pocket, thermostat, strip heater, surge arresters, insulated bus, ground ball stud w/cover, indicator lights, and more.