MedixSafe KARE Key Control Cabinet

Key Access Ready Enclosure that Connects To Any Existing Access Control Panel

KARE from MedixSafe is a Key Access Ready Enclosure. This heavy-duty self-contained key control cabinet has an HID format card reader and key override built right into the electronic lock.

key control cabinet<img src=” width=”300″ height=”256″ />The KARE reader features a Wiegand output so it can be connected to any access control panel. In addition to being a place to store keys, this key control cabinet offers user control over keys by limiting access to authorized users only and providing knowledge of who has accessed keys and when. All event transactions, cardholder data, and system control parameters are stored in the panel onboard nonvolatile memory and will remain intact, even if the system experiences a power failure.

The 16″H x 13.5″W x 4.5″D 10 gauge steel enclosure has a polymer swing handle lock and a built-in HID SE® card reader that accepts 125 kHz Prox cards. This allows users to use their existing cards. Access to the KARE is then controlled by the existing access control database. The key control cabinet features remote unlock and emergency key override.

key control cabinetKARE includes 48 Key Tag Holders that can hold multiple keys or a set of keys. Each key tag easily snaps open so that names and/or numbers of keys can be inserted. An Excel template is included for printing labels. When a different key is placed on the tag a new label can be printed and installed. The Excel template also allows for changing label fonts and sizes.

“MedixSafe is committed to delivering the very best in key control,” says Jim Turner, President, MedixSafe. “The KARE product is unique in that it’s designed to be connected to an access control system. Users can use their own existing access control cards and software to control who has access to this cabinet.”