Memoreyes Outdoor Video Surveillance System

Complete and turnkey, it includes an Entry/Exit Monitoring System and an All Property Monitoring System which both report to a proprietary centralized data collection system and display

The Entrance System (Model 100) and All Property System (Model 360) from Memoreyes™ are patent-pending Megapixel/HD quality, pan-tilt-zoom cameras for a complete outdoor surveillance system. They boast a machine learning and an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based learning control platform that provides a set of advanced, almost human capabilities for commercial properties, retail parking lots, multiple-family housing, office complexes, school campuses, and institutional facilities.

surveillance system
Model 100 Entrance System

The Model 100 Entry/Exit Monitoring System includes video of all oncoming/passing/departing vehicles and clear license plate reading, even at night or in bad weather. The housings each contains seven cameras— post embeds four cameras, providing a 360° view, plus three dedicated license-plate cameras—and two or three computers. The Entry/Exit cameras record in 1080p HD video and are equipped with motion detection and infrared night vision.

The Model 360 All Property Monitoring System uses thermal imaging, acoustical sound detection, and radar, to analyze 360° target data, focusing on situational awareness for the protection of persons and property. The AI system typically directs cameras to an event, identifying, tracking, and recording unusual behavioral patterns, accidents, altercations, and loud noises, such as a gunshot. The housing is a 12′ tall “candy cane” that houses the camera, two computers, and the Camera Director System. The All Property cameras are 1080p HD Starlight cameras that show color, even at night, up to 200′ away. They pan, tilt, and have a 25x optical zoom.

surveillance system
Model 360 All Property System

Camera housings are weatherproof, including sun shades, and operate from -20°F to 120°F. All cameras are wireless Ethernet connected. The wireless works 24/7 through remote and in-housing computer monitoring of connections, with auto and remote rebooting of links. The centralized data collection and display system includes a custom network video recorder, proprietary easy search software, and 50″ HD display featuring live feeds of all cameras.

“Our Model 360 provides unprecedented situational awareness for personal and property protection,” says Memoreyes’ Founder and CEO John Collings. “Simply put, we’ve solved the problem of teaching cameras where to look, ensuring that our systems identify, track, and record what’s important. That means we can cover large outdoor areas with a relatively small number of cameras, compared to dozens or hundreds that might be needed in traditional systems. The cost savings can be substantial, as much as 75% less than alternative systems.”

Beyond the technology is the price point. The company offers a leasing program which will save end users money in both the short and long term.

Collings, the original designer and founder of Uplink cellular service, says that one of the company’s biggest hurdles was to create a facility-wide Wi-Fi system that would reliably work in an outside environment. With that solved, strategically positioned cameras now work in tandem to provide 360° tracking of residents, visitors, and vehicles on the property on an as-need basis.

While the primary objective of the Memoreyes Outdoor Video Surveillance System is to deter crime, a second benefit is the documentation of data collected before, during, and after an event has taken place..

“We don’t rely on standard pixel-following methodology. Our sophisticated software is continually sampling the environment, analyzing visual and auditory inputs against known patterns,” explains Memoreyes Co-Founder and CTO David Tattersall. “At the same time, we have adopted comprehensive privacy policies, which protects owners, property managers, and residents alike.”


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