Metal Building Manufacturers Association Shares 2018 Annual Report

The document highlights MBMA accomplishments from 2018, including publication of an energy code compliance document and an updated fire resistance guide for metal buildings.

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released its 2018 Annual Report, entitled “Metal Buildings: A Limitless Future.” The resource is available to those involved in the metal building industry or who are interested metal buildings for their organization’s operations. The report highlights the work that MBMA and its members have undertaken over the course of 2018, and it is available for free download.

MBMA provides engineering leadership throughout North America, working with major universities and engineering schools, as well as with code officials and other organizations. Completed and ongoing research improves the performance, efficiency, and quality of metal building systems and the entire building industry.metal buildings

“This past year was one of the association’s best ever,” says Ron Ambrosius, the new MBMA Chairman. “We’ve expanded our membership to record levels and undertaken a tremendous amount of work. We continue to facilitate and participate in research projects that are important to the metal building industry. At the same time, we’re expanding educational opportunities, getting ready to publish the latest update to the Metal Building Systems Manual, ensuring continued code compliance and promoting workplace safety.”

The “Metal Buildings: A Limitless Future” report features accomplishments that MBMA has achieved during 2018, and these include:

  • Published Energy Code Compliance: A Guide for Metal Building Systems Contractors (available for free download)
  • Released several new videos, including AC472: Why Accreditation Matters and a 3-part testimonial series called Voices of the Industry
  • Added online courses for architects and engineers
  • Updated and revised the MBMA Metal Building Systems Manual to be ready for publication in early 2019
  • Reviewed and strengthened the AC472 accreditation process
  • Updated the Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
  • Sponsored two safety presentations at METALCON that were open to all attendees
  • Continued multi-year research on seismic behavior, wind loads and endplate connections for metal buildings

There are currently 43 Building Systems members and 72 Associate/AEC members in MBMA. The association’s member companies manufacture over 28,000 building projects annually, accounting for a substantial share of the total low-rise, non-residential construction market in the United States.