Metasys® 8.0 From Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls introduces Metasys® 8.0, the latest in building automation system (BAS) enhancements for ease of use, faster troubleshooting, less time on task, reduced risk, and easier integrations.

building automation systemMetasys leads the way with advanced BAS technology, providing essential instrumentation and control to save energy, lower operational costs, and enable efficient and secure operations.

Among the system’s key enhancements are graphics available across multiple mobile devices, alarm management that enables alarm prioritization for improved productivity, and improved scheduling and custom trending that save time and ease troubleshooting. Additionally, new reporting features make it easier to access trends, alarms, audits, and scheduling data. Tenant-based users will also appreciate spaces authorization, which allows them to access the system and see only the data they need.

Metasys 8.0 builds upon features introduced in December 2014 with Metasys 7.0, which included a new mobile-optimized, easy-to-use interface that displayed information by building spaces.

“As a result of these improvements, building operators are not only able to do more from anywhere or any device, they can drill down to critical information much more quickly, enabling them to resolve issues faster and reduce time on task. We had one customer tell us, ‘I haven’t seen anyone have something so intuitive and easy to use,’” said Nazanin Hoglund, vice president of Systems Product Management. “Meanwhile, system improvements help preserve customers’ investments by ensuring their long-term viability.”

The system follows industry and government best practices, including added Information Technology (IT) security with secure password management as well as dormant user account reporting. The reporting helps prevent unauthorized access with the ability to identify unused accounts that need to be shut down. Metasys also provides support for BACnet Protocol Revision 12 on engines for interoperability between Metasys and BACnet Testing Laboratories™ (BTL)-listed third-party BACnet devices, making Metasys more open and easy to integrate than ever.

Take a tour of Metasys 8.0 here.