MicroWorks® by HOSPECO

MicroWorks by HOSPECO is a system of microfiber environmental hygiene products. The line includes wiping cloths, flat wet mop systems, dust mops with pockets, hook-and-loop fastener dust mops, string mops, strip mops, dust wands, and accessories for healthy and safe cleaning.

safe cleaningMicrofiber demonstrates superior microbial removal compared to conventional products. An independent study found that on surfaces on which a string mop had been used, bacteria had been reduced by 30%, whereas a microfiber mop was able to remove 99% of bacteria. Microfiber also minimizes cross-contamination, since surface cleaning products can be changed out quickly from room to room or from station to station.

Because of microfiber’s cleaning capacity, workers do not have to dip a MicroWorks mop into the cleaning solution continuously, contaminating the solution and making it less effective. And these lighter weight items require less bending and stooping. Finally, because microfibers offer a dryer clean relative to cotton mops, slip-and-fall hazards are reduced.

Each MicroWorks product is made from soft, ultra-absorbent, polyester (80%) and polyimide (20%) fibers. Strands are split until they are thinner than silk (200,000 microfilaments per square inch). This expanded surface area carries a positive charge and attracts and traps the negatively charged dirt rather than pushing it around like cotton products. This also attracts dust, helping to improve air quality.

MicroWorks microfiber products use 97% less water and chemicals than a traditional cleaning system. Microfiber products are also launderable and not as susceptible to mold and mildew as conventional cotton cleaning products.

Durable microfiber fabric holds its shape longer than other commonly used materials, extending the life of the item and resulting in long-term cost savings. Depending on the application and the configuration, microfiber can be washed and reused hundreds of times.

MicroWorks safe cleaning products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces because they are non-abrasive, scratch-free, and lint-free. All MicroWorks wet mops feature scrubber pads for hard to clean areas. Each of the product segments comes in a complete range of sizes and colors, and the wiping cloths are offered in a variety of weights.