Mighty Mac Correctional Luminaires

Kenall Manufacturing introduces virtually impenetrable light fixtures with no access points

Mighty Mac™ correctional luminaires from Kenall Manufacturing are virtually impenetrable. Created specifically to keep staff and inmates safe, they are impervious to vandalism and contraband concealment and have no access points of any kind, including doors and hinges. This versatile family allows the specifier to tailor fixtures to different security levels and local requirements, making it suitable for areas such as prison cells, corridors, cafeterias, washrooms, behavioral health settings, recreation areas, and building exteriors.correctional luminaires

The Mighty Mac SSAS (surface ceiling mount) luminaire comes in 12″x24″ and 12″x48″ sizes, the CCS (corner-mount) measures 9″x12″, 9″x24″, and 9″x48, and both the WCHS (surface wall-mount) and WCUS (surface wall-mount with uplight) come in 7″x11″x17″, 7″x11″x29″, and 7″x11″x53″ sizes. All feature heavy-duty housings manufactured from a single piece of steel, almost preventing entry once the light fixtures are installed. Inside, long-life LEDs are designed to last for up to 85,000 hours (10 years) of continuous use, service-free. Lenses are made of the toughest materials available and kept in place with a special bracket system fastened to the housing with through-studs. The entire fixture is secured to the wall or ceiling surface with six high-security bolts.correctional luminaires

“We wanted to create a fixture that would not allow any entry at all,” said Bill Blackley, Senior Director of Marketing for Kenall. “Because not all correctional light fixtures are made with Kenall’s signature quality, over the years, inmates have gained access to such unsecured fixtures and used them as hiding places, or as weapons. But LED lamps allow us to create a luminaire that requires no service for 10 years or more. If you don’t need to change a lamp, you don’t need a door. You bolt the luminaire in place and they can’t get in.”

These Mighty Mac correctional luminaires also offer a smaller housing optimized for cells, making them less intrusive.