Milestone XProtect Video Management Software

The scalable platform offers features for basic to advanced surveillance needs

The XProtect® platform from Milestone is video management software (VMS) with features for basic to advanced surveillance needs. It provides support for various network hardware and integration with other systems to video enable organizations—managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes, and reducing management software

XProtect Essential+ is a free full-featured version of the VMS with support for eight cameras. It is a match for the small business owner who wants video surveillance to protect employees and assets. Users can integrate other systems and applications with their surveillance and access their system from any Internet-enabled device.

Designed for smaller, single-site installations such as retail shops, parking lots, and office buildings, the XProtect Express Series is IP VMS supporting up to 48 cameras. It is for companies with basic security needs or companies that want to integrate other business applications, such as access control and video analytics.

Designed for mid-sized security installations covering multiple buildings, servers, or locations, the XProtect Professional Series is IP VMS supporting an unrestricted number of cameras and servers. It is optimized for companies that need to identify and respond to incidents quickly and is suitable for institutions such as schools, museums, hospitals, and production plants.

XProtect Expert is IP VMS for mid-sized and large-scale installations. It is built with technology designed to ensure video integrity and boost the overall performance of a system with hardware accelerated video decoding. In addition to camera-based Edge Storage support, XProtect Expert offers reliable, uninterrupted video recording through failover recording servers. The video management software includes central management of an unrestricted number of servers, cameras, and users, making it the suitable for companies deployed across multiple locations. With multi-layered maps, alarm handling, and support for an integrated video wall (optional), XProtect Expert is also for installations with active live monitoring such as warehouses and stadiums.

XProtect Corporate is IP VMS designed for large-scale and high-security installations. It is built with technology that ensures end-to-end protection of video integrity and boosts the overall performance of a system with hardware accelerated video decoding. In addition to central management of all servers, cameras, and users in a multi-site set-up, XProtect Corporate includes an integrated video wall for operators demanding supreme situational awareness of any event. The software supports failover recording servers, making it an option for mission-critical installations that require continued access to live and uninterrupted video recordings. Running on the industry’s best performing recording engine with a recording rate of minimum 3.1 Gbit/s, XProtect Corporate is for installations with 24/7 operation requirements, such as airports and casinos.

Users can add extra value and functionality to their video installation by extending their system with XProtect Add-on products.

  • XProtect Smart Wall displays all video data in an installation and gives a complete overview of large surveillance centers.
  • XProtect LPR (license plate recognition) helps automate and optimize tasks through automatic vehicle detection.
  • XProtect Retail is an investigation tool to optimize store operations by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.
  • XProtect Access unites access control and video for monitoring and controlling access.
  • XProtect Transact helps retailers identify problems involving POS systems and ATMs, reducing shrinkage and fraud.
  • XProtect Screen Recorder provides inconspicuous screen recordings of any Windows PC or point-of-sale terminal.
  • XProtect Utilities free supplementary software components are designed to help users easily maintain their Milestone system

The XProtect video management software Add-ons work out-of-the-box and allow users to create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs such as combining video with access control or linking video with transaction data.