Did You Miss “Cleaner Facilities & Flu Protection” Webinar?

Learn How To Reduce The Risk Of Spreading The Flu In Your Facility

Cleaner Facilities & Flu Protection Webinar.Every year during flu season, the virus causes 17 million missed days of work and 38 million missed days of school. Without taking the right steps to clean your facility, the flu can spread quickly, affecting productivity, absenteeism and your bottom line. Hand and surface sanitization isn’t enough to provide flu protection.

Join Jeff Dryfhout, AeraMax Professional’s Global Director of Air Treatment, as he discusses the link of clean air to a cleaner facility, the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ), as well as practical solutions for facility managers.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Cleaner Facilities & Flu Protection Webinar:

  1. How to reduce the risk of spreading the flu virus.
  2. How clean air benefits facility occupants.
  3. The return on investment of cleaner facilities.

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Webinar: Cleaner Facilities & Flu Protection