ML2000 Series Mortise Lock – Durable Locks For Any Facility‎

A wide variety of trim designs and functions and a 10-year warranty lend to the ML2000’s versatility and reliability, making it the ideal choice for use in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and other high-use applications.

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The Corbin Russwin ML2000 Series mortise lock is an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mortise lock designed to withstand the most abusive environments. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with unique, patented features and a full range of functions and trim, the ML2000 Series separates itself from the competition with an innovative design of direct drive performance to maintain consistent torque and force during lever rotation. Plus, it has a crisp and firm lever return to eliminate lever sag.

What are the advantages of the ML2000 Series?

This mortise lock provides greater engagement of the latchbolt within the case, allowing it to withstand greater abuse from heavy impacts and unauthorized entry. In addition, through more engagement of the latchbolt with the strike, it maintains greater security of door openings, even with excessive door gaps. Optimized torsion spring design and fewer moving parts give the lock extremely smooth and consistent operation. This lock is also extremely flexible for any application providing field reversible latchbolt as well as multi-function capability.

In addition, the ML2000 Series electrified locks use EcoFlex technology. EcoFlex offers greater flexibility in system design by providing the option to configure the lock to fail safe or fail secure in the field, as well as an operating range of 12-24VDC. Its innovative actuator design provides superior reliability with higher performance and reduced maintenance as well as the ability to have longer cable runs without negatively impacting lock function. Offered across our entire range of electronic access control solutions, including Wi-Fi, Aperio and power over Ethernet (PoE), the ML2000 Series mortise lock can reduce energy consumption by as much as 96% compared to traditional solutions, as certified by GreenCircle.

The ML2000 Series is available in 59 mechanical and electrified functions including vandal resistant and behavioral health options, 59 standard and Museo Collection decorative lever designs, and 13 finishes. This lock easily integrates with new or existing key systems including Pyramid security, high security and Access 3® patented. The ML2000 Series is extremely versatile and reliable to complement any application.