The Facility Manager Of Tomorrow

Mobile data collection platforms, coupled with intuitive Internet of Things solutions, are empowering facility management professionals to tackle seemingly overwhelming challenges.

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Today’s facility manager is under pressure to complete more tasks with fewer resources. But running a lean operation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your services. One of a facility manager’s most critical roles is safeguarding the facility and tenants. These services should never suffer from a paltry budget. If a faucet leaks or a light takes too long to replace, the worst that can happen is a few irritated tenants. If there’s a security breach, the consequences could be much more serious.

IoTRunning a safe and efficient operation is directly tied to the data you collect every day. Here are a few highlights from the ebook “The facility manager of tomorrow: How mobility & IoT are transforming the industry,” which highlights how mobile solutions on iOS combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) can help you safeguard your facility and tenants.

Fire & Life Safety

Not having comprehensive fire & life safety systems in place could mean property damage, loss of business, and even loss of life. Facility managers need to regularly inspect, test, and maintain fire safety systems to ensure they function properly and meet codes and regulations.

FM teams can leverage mobile solutions to:

  • Capture photos of fire equipment – e.g. fire doors, alarms, and extinguishers – and seamlessly integrate them into mobile inspection forms
  • Ensure regular equipment check-ups via calendar integration
  • Alert key stakeholders of critical safety breaches via SMS notifications
  • Instantly submit forms to your back-office system to provide an auditable record of completed testing, inspections, and maintenance
  • Track historical compliance trends via analytics platforms to identify under-performing areas and take corrective action


One of the most critical elements of facility management is the administration of managed security services, which are integral to protecting the facility, its tenants, and its profitability. There are many decisions you have to make when developing a comprehensive security plan. How to collect data is one of them.

Equipped with a mobile solution, your security team can:

  • Quickly and accurately gather key information for reports and investigations using features such as photo capture, signature capture, and GPS & time stamps
  • Alert staff to emergencies via SMS notifications
  • Eliminate the paperwork bottleneck to spend more time on patrol

Emergency Preparedness

Much like security services and fire & life safety, emergency preparedness requires a robust action plan. Your facility may be vulnerable to a number ofthreats, such as explosions and fires, natural disasters, or workplace violence – to name just a few. A strong emergency action plan lays out all the different threats that your facility may face, as well as who does what in the event of a specific emergency.

Here’s how you can leverage a mobile solution to effectively execute your action plan:

  • Perform accurate and media-rich inspections of vital emergency systems
  • Alert staff and tenants of emergencies via SMS notifications
  • Mobilize checklists that lay out, step by step, the protocol that specific facility staff must follow in the event of a specific emergency
  • Mobilize training questionnaires to test staff on how to properly respond to a variety of emergency situations

A secure facility demands mobility. You need a robust mobile solution that allows you to complete all processes that involve collecting, analyzing, and sharing vital data to help safeguard your facility and tenants.

Learn more about how mobile solutions on iOS combined with IoT can help your day-to-day operations. Download our eBook, “The facility manager of tomorrow: How mobility & IoT are transforming the industry.”