MOBOTIX T25 IP Video Door Station

Records the entire entrance area making it impossible to “slip by” this camera

The T25 system from MOBOTIX is an IP Video Door Station based on the VoIP/SIP Video Intercom standard. It contains a hemispheric door camera with a 5 megapixel color sensor (T25-CamCore) and fisheye lens with a 180° image angle that covers the entire entrance area without having to be mechanically panned or tilted—there are no blind spots from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.door station

The camera module can be used with a remote station as a compact basic Video Door Station with the integrated doorbell and light button. When the doorbell rings or something moves in front of the door, a video connection is established to a remote station anywhere in the world for two-way communication and opening of the door. The modular system enables the door to be opened securely without a key via an access code, RFID transponder, and smartphone.

Thanks to intelligent video analysis, the Door Station registers suspicious movements and sounds and begins recording automatically to collect evidence and document the incident, while at the same time sending a message to residents or a security company. On the monitor located at the remote station, the operator can change the current image section in seconds—from a close-up of the visitor all the way to an overview panorama. The 4 GB micro SD card can save 250 one-minute video clips or 60,000 individual VGA images.

door stationThe 5MP sensors drastically reduce exposure times. In conjunction with MxLEO, the exposure and image optimization program working in the background, the camera generates perceptibly better and more detailed images especially under low-light conditions.

The BellRFID is a module for one to five bell buttons. It enables keyless entry via RFID transponder. The six different bell button sets can be easily replaced as required. Visitors can tap to leave messages, which can then be played back locally or remotely by residents.

The KeypadRFID module enables keyless entry via RFID transponder and/or number combination, ringing at any number of remote stations via programmable key combinations and configuration of the Video Door Station without a PC. It includes a mailbox function and transponder in check card format.

door stationThe optional MX-DoorMaster with access code memory makes it impossible to open a door by forcibly removing it and bypassing the connecting cable. A built-in battery powers both the electric door opener and the access module in the outdoor station and facilitates keyless entry via transponder/code, even during power outages. Furthermore, the MX-DoorMaster also functions as a doorbell.

The Info module features a backlit house number field and can optionally include an Mx2wire+ unit. This unit is needed if the outdoor station is to be connected to the PoE switch with an existing bell wire via a second Mx2wire+ Indoor Unit instead of directly using an Ethernet cable.

All the modules offered for outdoor areas are weatherproof and maintenance-free and can be used in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 140°F.

The T25 is available in white, silver, dark gray, or black. Installation is accomplished via CAT cable or two-wire cable.