Most U.S. Knowledge Workers Would Quit To Work From Home

Nearly two-thirds of American knowledge workers believe traditional offices will be obsolete by 2030, according to Zapier report.

A majority of American knowledge workers (74%) would be willing to quit a job that did not allow them to work remotely if that company offers remote work or work from home options, according to a new report from Zapier. The Remote Work Report also found 26% of knowledge workers have quit a job in the past because the company did not offer the option to work remotely/flexible work schedule.

“When we started Zapier in 2011, building a fully distributed company was very rare. Now, it’s a workplace evolution that’s shaping the future of work,” said Wade Foster, co-founder, and CEO of Zapier. “We’ve seen how providing both autonomy and trust in your team not only drives productivity, it also increases retention.”

The report was based on findings from a survey of more than 880 U.S. knowledge workers — adults age 18+ who primarily work in a professional setting and use a computer as part of their job.

Nearly all (95%) workers surveyed would want to work remotely for one reason or another.

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Are Workers More Productive At Home?

Three in five knowledge workers (60%) say they are able to work remotely, either full-time (27%) or part-time (34%). However, 31% of knowledge workers say their companies don’t allow working from home at all.

In spite of that, the majority of knowledge workers surveyed (66%) believe the traditional workplace will be obsolete for most roles by 2030, with most positions done remotely. Less than half (42%) believe they are most productive when working at home, while less than a third (32%) say they get more work done in an office. While co-working spaces have become popular in recent years, only about one in 10 (11%) say they are most productive in this environment.

work from homeIf you’d like to learn more, the full report is available here.

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