Mower Madness Tournament Enters Final Week

The 5th annual tournament is a three-week, bracket-style competition to determine the most popular lawn mower brand in America.

Update: The winner has been announced: Click here to find out whether Bob-Cat or Mean Green came out on top!

Entering its final round this week, Mowers Direct’s fifth annual Mower Madness tournament is a three-week, bracket-style competition that will determine the most popular lawn mower brand in America.

mower madness
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Starting with 64 randomly-selected lawn mower brands assigned placement in the bracket, the teams have been facing off each other for the past five weeks. The six-round, single-elimination tournament is now entering its final week, and it all comes down to two behemoth mowers: Bob-Cat and Mean Green.

“To play, just go to Mowers Direct and vote for the Mower Madness teams you want to win and share it with your friends. Playing is fun and easy, you don’t even have fill in a bracket,” said Jose Castellanos, Lawnmower Expert at Mowers Direct. “The more people you can get to play to support your picks, the greater chance they have of being crowned the 2018 Mower Madness Champion.”

Castellanos reasoned, “If you ever had a debate with a friend or neighbor about whose mower is the best, this is your chance to prove it!”

The “Final Cut”— or Championship match-up—begins today, March 29, and continues until a champion is crowned on Monday, April 2. Last year, Bob-Cat, a professional mower brand popular with enthusiasts and landscapers, took home the win.

“They were extremely motivated,” concluded Castellanos. “Bob-Cat rallied their fans with a complete social media strategy and even produced a video on YouTube.”

Want to play? Click here now to submit your pick for the Championship Match!

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