Mueller Steam Specialty Launches Strainer Monitoring Technology

Mueller Steam Specialty's new differential strainer monitoring technology is now standard or optional for its strainers.

Smart Strainer

Mueller Steam Specialty, a Watts brand, has announced that its new differential pressure monitoring technology is now standard on its duplex strainers and optional on its wye strainers. The addition of the strainer monitoring technology aims to help facility engineers detect when strainer maintenance is needed and, thus, to prevent production downtime.

With the purchase and activation of an add-on connection kit, the pre-installed pressure sensors at the inlet and outlet of the strainer monitor the pressure drop that occurs over time when a strainer screen becomes clogged by foreign particles.

Alerts are triggered via an existing BMS connection or cellular gateway when the strainer basket is 75% full and 100% full. These sensors do not change the operation or performance of the strainer. With the addition of new strainer monitoring technology, they still comply with all the necessary certifications and do not interfere with the normal function of the strainer.

“Facility engineers will now be able to perform strainer maintenance proactively, rather than reactively, which will help protect costly equipment from damage as well as maintain consistent flow and efficient system performance,” says Jennifer Carlino, Sr. Product Manager at Mueller Steam Specialty.

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