Question Of The Week: Multiple Office Locations Or Single But Bigger Office?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.


We are currently occupying a 150 seat office, and we are not planning not to extend our lease contract. We are looking to add 50% more to our current workforce once the contract ends.

I would like to ask for input on the pros and cons of the following options: would you lease offices in multiple buildings within the same city/province)? Or would you lease a single space in a larger office or building?

Engelbert Devilleres
Facilities Engineer

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  1. We’ve had multiple offices in one town and we’ve had offices on 2 different floors in the same building. In both cases, it created ‘silos’ with little corroboration between departments. This could be a cultural issue within our company.

    Multiple buildings increased my workload as well. Not just with lease management but with maintenance management as well. This is a small-ish office (though I have 120+ other offices in 2 states that I maintain as well) so all issues go through me (such as temp control/complaints). If they’re all in my office, small issues are easier to manage and maintain.

    Unless you need a larger footprint with multiple locations, I’d recommend one large location.

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