myQ Enterprise Released As Intelligent Dock Management Solution

Chamberlain Group's myQ Enterprise intelligent dock management solution provides real-time communication, scheduling, and check-ins.

Chamberlain Group's myQ Enterprise intelligent dock management solution
Chamberlain Group’s myQ Enterprise intelligent dock management solution

Chamberlain Group (CG) launched its myQ Enterprise system to digitally transform a facility’s dock operations into a more intelligent and automated process. The myQ Enterprise is a hardware and software solution that streamlines driver scheduling, simplifies check in, and provides real-time communication. With this intelligent dock management solution, facilities can automate loading dock assignments and processes with meaningful data insights and be equipped with end-to-end visibility to transform their logistical operations.

For the past few years, CG has been connecting loading dock equipment online to provide a facility with enhanced visibility of loading dock activity. Now with myQ Enterprise, that connected visibility extends to the yard, gate, and schedule, fully digitizing a facility’s logistical operations with one solution.

myQ Enterprise features and benefits Include:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Make the most of your drivers’ on-site time. Schedule trailers at optimal times and identify load types to streamline the process upon arrival.
    • Avoid backups
    • Reduce time spent in the yard
  • Dynamic Dock Assignment: Leverage a smart rules engine to automate and personalize the dock assignment process based on carrier information and load details.
    • Optimize dock assignments
    • Reduce trailer dwell time 
  • Digital Check In / Check Out: Ensure a fast and accurate check-in experience using myQ Enterprise’s mobile platform or smart kiosk at the gate.
    • Eliminate paper-based processes
    • Minimize manual entry errors 
  • Mobile Driver Communication: Connect drivers with text message updates providing clear instructions on dock status and exactly where they need to be.
    • Streamline onsite traffic flow
    • Give visibility to drivers
  • Smart Dock Management: Have a single view of your entire loading dock and yard in one platform. Monitor trailers onsite, manage loading activity, and receive alerts of inefficiencies or safety concerns at your docks.
    • Improve trailer turn times
    • Reduce detention fees
  • Real-time Visibility: Instead of relying on sticky notes and emails, keep your guards, receiving management, and keeping facility managers on the same page with live updates and instant communication.
    • Maximize efficiency
    • Enhance internal communication
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate myQ Enterprise with your warehouse management system and other existing software solutions. These integrations ensure you have complete visibility across the facility.
    • Share data across platforms
    • Organize accurate information
  • Powerful Analytics: Machine learning is applied to access-point data to optimize your logistic operations and lets you know what’s working efficiently and what isn’t.
    • Transform logistics
    • Decrease operational expenses
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