NABCO Releases Automatic, Non-Handed Swing Door Operator

The swing door operator is automatic, non-handed, and capable of handling up to 330 lbs. of door weight in low energy applications.


NABCO's NABCO SWING, a swing door operator

NABCO unveils the NABCO SWING, an automatic, non-handed, swing door operator, allowing it to be used on both left- and right-handed swing door applications. The NABCO SWING can convert existing manual doors to automatically operated doors and is capable of handling up to 330 lb. of door weight in low energy applications.

The NABCO SWING utilizes NABCO’s Opus microprocessor controller for its door operation, and important usage counts. Its diagnostic features are capable of quick troubleshooting to help reduce maintenance costs. The product is also remote-access enabled through the NABCO Connect IOS and Android App. Its remote capabilities allow doors to be controlled using smartphones and enable scheduling timed switches between daytime and nighttime operations.

Notable features include:

  •     Snap and click cover design that provides a snap-together over the full length of the header, held in place with the click mechanism and secured to the end caps.
  •     Non-handed gear assembly with the motor turning in one direction only. No reverse motor circuit required, and a plug-and-play motor connection.
  •     Motor break circuit provides safe operation of the door during service by preventing slamming with the motor disconnected from control during install or service.
  •     Standard adjustable arm assemblies with pre-load methods allow for easy customization at the time of installation.

The swing door operator was tested internally for over 1 million cycles at the maximum door weight capacity of 330 lbs. before completing successful field testing in over 20 locations throughout North America.

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