NACUFS Launches Sustainability Guide For Collegiate Foodservice

Learn how to reduce your foodservice operation's environmental impact on campus with resources and training.

A new guide to help collegiate foodservice operations across the globe contribute to a better world is now available from the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS). The NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© helps collegiate foodservice operators implement or enhance a sustainability program, whether they are in the early stages of building a comprehensive program or already have a mature program underway.

collegiate foodservice operationsThe Guide provides an overview of 10 key sustainability issues, from animal welfare to sustainable seafood, and implementation of best practices. Further, a Self-Assessment Tool is provided to measure and assess current efforts and track improvements year-over-year.

In addition to the Guide and Self-Assessment Tool, NACUFS created a training program to train, among other things, foodservice teams to tell the story of campus sustainability efforts. The NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© Lesson Plans provide step-by-step instruction for foodservice directors to train their teams on the 10 major sustainability issues highlighted in the Guide.

The Lesson Plans provide collegiate foodservice professionals with an easy-to-use method to educate and prepare frontline staff to engage customers in sustainability conversations. The out-of-the-box training is available in two formats: a long-form plan for a full or multi-day workshop, or a daily line-up plan for a quick five to 10-minute lesson.

The NACUFS Train the Trainer Program provides introductory lessons on adult learning. This program can be completed on its own to equip foodservice operators with a methodology, or it can be used to prepare your team to deliver the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans.

Collectively, the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide©, Sustainability Assessment Tool, NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© Lesson Plans, and NACUFS Train the Trainer Program complete the NACUFS SustainabilityToolkit.

“Collegiate foodservice professionals can play a pivotal role in leading sustainability efforts on campus,” said NACUFS CEO Robert Nelson. “Our Sustainability Toolkit recognizes the competing demands of campus foodservice professionals and is designed to provide easy access to key best practices and simplify sustainability training efforts in foodservice departments.”

The NACUFS Sustainability Toolkit provides a low-cost package to implement, enhance, and measure sustainability efforts. It easily integrates into self-operated, contract, or co-sourced programs, including student dining, catering, and retail operations.

“Our focus is to support and promote excellence in collegiate dining,” added Nelson. “Through creating this Guide and accompanying resources, we can support foodservice professionals in their efforts to affect change on the environmental footprint not only on their campus but throughout the supply chain.”

Purchase the Guide and Sustainability Assessment Tool today and you’ll get a free copy of the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© Lesson Plans and the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program. The NACUFS Sustainability Toolkit is available for members for $199 and non-members for $299. The NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide, assessment tool, lesson plans, and training program are available here.

NACUFS institutional members include private colleges to large public universities, and two-year colleges to four-year universities and span the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and beyond. Industry members include food and equipment manufacturers, distributors, brokers, foodservice support companies, councils, boards, trade associations, advisory commissions, and other professional groups.

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