Nanotouch® Releases Self-cleaning Clean Workstation Kits

Self-cleaning surfaces add a level of cleanliness and safety to personal workspaces.

Nanotouch® Materials, a provider of green, self-cleaning surfaces, released self-cleaning Clean Workstation Kits to help create a more hygienic work environment as employees continue to return to the workplace.

The kits include a variety of products that employ Nanotouch’s technology that works 24/7 to oxidize all organic contaminants using nanotechnology and the power of light. Each personal workstation kit includes a large portable mat, mouse pad, 9″x12″ touchscreen film, tissue box cover, tabs for a cell phone or tablet to separate from surfaces and another self-cleaning surface that users can easily cut for custom applications like laptops or water bottles.

Nanotouch Clean Workstation Kit“Cleanliness is top of mind for both employers and employees, whether they are back in the office entirely, using a hybrid approach, flex spaces or shared spaces or preparing to reopen,” said Dennis Hackemeyer, co-founder of Nanotouch Materials. “Cleanliness starts with the places we touch the most – our own desks, phones and computers. This kit is essential for keeping employee workstations clean at all times, which in turn, helps to create a more hygienic environment in the whole facility.”

The self-cleaning Clean Workstation Kits are the newest addition to a line of products from Nanotouch, ranging from self-cleaning door handle wraps and sleeves to elevator button covers and portable mats utilizing nanocrystal technology to transform dirty, high-traffic touch points (such as airports) into continuously clean surfaces.

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