Friday Funny: This New Eatery’s Already Under Water. (Literally.)

Submerged 17 feet below sea level, Under — the world’s largest underwater restaurant — gives diners from around the world a look at Norway's diverse sea life.

Recently, we featured a hotel where you can sleep with the fishes. Now, you can eat with them too if you’re visiting Norway.

Hailed as the world’s largest — and Europe’s first — underwater restaurant, Under highlights the beauty of the Norwegian coastal ecosystem by offering diners breathtaking views of life under the sea through a 36-foot panoramic window.

underwater restaurant Under
(Photo: Under – Ivar Kvaal)

The three-story establishment located in Southern Norway’s Lindesnes region opened its doors on March 20. Due to the diverse marine biology in this specific area of the North Sea, patrons can observe an abundance of marine creatures. Fish species often found in the area include pollack and cod, brightly colored wrasses, urchins, crabs, lobsters, and spiny dogfish (aka mud sharks), along with distinctive seaweed and kelp.

In order to make sure there are plenty of fish in the sea to entertain Under diners, the restaurant’s own team of marine biologists are “training” the local marine life to visit. Artificial lighting is used to attract plankton, which in turn lures other species and fish to the area.

underwater restaurant Under
Reynolds Polymer Technology created the panoramic acrylic window that completes Under’s larger-than-life periscope design. (Photo: Under – Ivar Kvaal)

Under’s impressive aquatic view is made possible by a panoramic acrylic window created by Reynolds Polymer Technology. Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta sought the Grand Junction, CO-based company’s expertise to design the large window that completes the restaurant’s larger-than-life periscope design.

“As the world’s largest and Europe’s first underwater restaurant, we knew we had to partner with experts that could truly build the impossible,” said Stig Ubostad, co-founder of Under. “Reynolds Polymer Technology was able to take a uniquely complex project and engineer an acrylic masterpiece that could not only withstand the rugged undersea conditions and incredible water pressure but provide a once in a lifetime perspective and experience for our diners.”

Reynolds Polymer Technology was onsite to conduct the installation of the 36 x 13 foot acrylic piece, and was integral in engineering components that guarantee guests’ ability to enjoy the underwater world.

underwater restaurant Under
An exterior view of Under. Designed by award-winning architect firm Snøhetta, the concrete restaurant is half-sunken into the sea and will fully integrate into its marine environment over time by functioning as an artificial reef. (Photo: Under – Ivar Kvaal)

“Reynolds is overwhelmingly proud and excited to be involved with this groundbreaking concept that promotes the beauty and wonder of this region,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Reynolds Polymer Technology. “What separates Reynolds from the competition is our engineering and full-service capabilities to truly build the impossible. Under is a foremost illustration of the distinctive and revolutionary ideas that Reynolds Polymer Technology is able to dream up and manufacture across the globe. Our renowned process and expert reputation have preceded us for 30 years and allows our talent to construct elaborate projects that set the standard for acrylic in a variety of industries.”

Of course, Under is not just about ogling the fish swimming by this feat of engineering: People come to eat! So, what’s on the menu? Crafted and executed by master chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, the restaurant naturally offers an excellent selection of seafood. But if diners don’t want to eat the evening’s entertainment, they also have the option of tasting seabirds and wild sheep that graze in the nearby archipelago.