New Information On Legionnaires' Disease

This month marks 34 years since the infamous outbreak in Philadelphia that claimed 34 lives and made 221 persons sick with what is now called Legionnaires’ disease.

Up to now, books on Legionnaires’ disease have been written for scientists, engineers, healthcare workers, water treatment specialists, facility managers, or other professionals whose work relates to the disease or the control of Legionella bacteria. The new book, Protect Yourself from Legionnaires’ Disease: The waterborne illness that continues to kill and harm, is for a general audience. A chapter devoted to survivors’ stories, told in their own words, will give readers a sense of just how horrible the disease is and that it can affect anyone.

Author Matt Freije gives important facts about Legionnaires’ disease and explains how to avoid it in hospitals, office buildings, and hotels; at the dentist, on the job, and from hot tubs, decorative fountains, misters, cooling towers, whirlpool bathtubs, and even car windshield washers.

The PDF version of the book is available for download now for $19.95. The softcover and electronic versions for various devices are due out later this year.


  1. Many of us think cold water storage is not so pron to cause diseases But the thing is that they are too ideal breeding ground for a host of bacteria including Legionella disease. So your water tanks need constant monitor and cleaning for workplace safety.

    Thanks for posting some interesting facts.

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