New LCS WiFi Lighting Control System From Vista

The low-profile, lightweight, cloud-based, multi-zone WiFi lighting controller can be managed from a mobile device regardless of location via a free, downloadable app.

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has launched the LCS WiFi Lighting Control System, a low-profile, lightweight, cloud-based, multi-zone WiFi lighting controller. A free, downloadable app makes it possible for users to manage the controller from their mobile devices regardless of location.

Lighting Control System“Lighting contractors and their customers want to manage both new and existing lighting installations in real time,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of sales and marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “Now, with our LCS WiFi Lighting Control System, they can easily change how their outdoor areas are illuminated from anywhere, at any time.”

Designed to control 150 watts of lighting in three individual circuits or zones, Vista’s LCS can be used with nearly all low-voltage power systems available on the market today, and it can also be retrofitted to work with previously installed low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. The controller has LED indicator lights that show when power is on or off, as well as the current brightness intensity of each of the three zones. After downloading the free mobile app available from the App Store or Google Play, a single user can control multiple LCS units. An external antenna makes it possible to connect to WiFi from greater distances. The LCS’s fine-tune-dimming feature gives users a nearly infinite ability to adjust and match output throughout the entire system.

Installing the LCS is also simple, as it does not require its own 120V input but instead receives power from the host transformer. With waterproof NEMA 3 stainless-steel housing, the controller can be mounted on a wall or pedestal. Vista’s own unique “cable raceway” feature offers a drop-down tray for quick, easy access to the LCS’s wiring compartment.

“The LCS WiFi Lighting Control System is another example of how Vista continues to offer contractors and their customers the features they need and the quality they deserve,” Pérez said. “The LCS provides them with an incredibly easy way to manage their lighting systems to achieve the desired effect, whenever they want.”

Visit the Vista website to learn more about Vista’s new LCS WiFi Lighting Control System.