New Life For Old Ceiling Grids: EZ-On Grid Covers

EZ-On Grid Covers by Ceilume are an easy way to rejuvenate dirty ceiling grids.

EZ-On™ Grid Covers are the new, easy-to-install solution for suspended ceiling T-bar grids that have become stained, damaged, or yellowed with age. Made by the manufacturer of Ceilume ceiling panels, EZ-On Grid Covers are snap-on vinyl strips that cover existing T-bar grids with a brilliant white surface, rejuvenating the appearance of the ceiling system. They make old grids look better-than-new, and present a surface that is durable and easy to maintain.

ceiling gridsMetal T-bar ceiling grids are durable, but their painted finish is not. The enamel paint discolors over time. It may get damaged during maintenance, and can even rust. A grid that is still completely functional may look terrible.

EZ-On Grid Covers can update a tired ceiling at a faction of the time and cost it would take to paint or replace the grids. The system has only two components – one to cover grid members, the other for perimeter angles – and installs rapidly on virtually all grids with 15/16 in. (1 in. nominal) flanges.

The vinyl strips slide over the T-bar and snap into place easily. No pre-cleaning is needed, no adhesives are applied, and no tools or special training are needed. A 400-square foot room could be done by one person in about an hour, without removing panels.

Made from 100% recyclable rigid vinyl in a cool-white, semi-gloss surface, EZ-On grid covers require no maintenance, and are easy to clean with soap and water. Impervious to moisture, they resist mold growth and are non-yellowing.

EZ-On are available directly from the manufacturer at