New Pig DrainBlocker Drain Covers

Super-sealing, tacky urethane bottom layer forms a complete seal around drain so liquid can’t pass

PIG® DrainBlocker® Drain Covers from New Pig help comply with EPA’s SPCC and Storm Water regulations. Designed to seal off floor or storm drains entirely so that no unwanted liquids get into the water supply, these drain covers can be removed easily and used over and over again.Drain Covers

“The PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover seals tight quickly to block harmful chemicals from entering drains,” said Andy Brunhuber, Product Manager at New Pig. “These covers are tough enough to withstand all industrial applications and can be used repeatedly.”

PIG DrainBlocker Drain Covers feature a super-sealing, tacky urethane bottom layer that forms a complete seal around drains—unlike a magnetic drain cover, which can’t form an impenetrable seal. And when you need to access your drain again, they pull off for reuse. DuPont Elvaloy technology provides lifelong flexibility plus chemical, UV, and infrared light resistance to the vinyl top.

Suitable for facilities that transfer, store, or use oils and hazardous materials, DrainBlocker Drain Covers are durable enough to be driven over by a tractor trailer and work in temperatures from 0°F to 160°F. They come in various shapes and sizes, including square for drains up to 30″ (PLR303), rectangular drains up to 54″ x 30″ (PLR408), circular drains with up to 6″ diameter (PLR412), circular drains with up to 24″ diameter (PLR430), a trench drain cover (rubber top) for those 62.5″ and longer (PLR340), and more. All can be left down as a preventive measure or stored for emergency spill response in leak- and spill-prone areas. Most include a nylon storage bag for easy transportation and fast spill response.


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