New Polyiso Insulation From Firestone Building Products

This newest formulation of the company's polyiso insulation features the highest available R-value per-inch available in cold temperatures.

Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, a manufacturer and supplier of high-performing building product solutions introduces its newest formulation of polyiso insulation. The new formulation is equipped with the highest R-value per-inch in cold temperatures, making it the best performing polyiso on the market in cold temperatures.polyiso insulation

The Firestone polyiso offering includes ISO 95+™ GL Insulation, RESISTA™ Insulation, and ISOGARD™ HD Cover Board. With the new offering, Firestone notes the sustainable properties for building owners, facility management, and architects. The green building benefits include:

  • Polyiso is more environmentally-friendly than mineral wool, requiring 85 percent less embodied energy to manufacture. Polyiso can also be recycled and reused on reroofing applications, while mineral wool cannot.
  • Polyiso has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 3.5 times lower than mineral wool.
  • Polyiso is eligible for LEED V4 credits in categories including energy and atmosphere, and materials and resources.
  • Competing polyiso boards require an additional .25 inches to meet an R25 value at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This means fewer inches of the product are required to consider when designing the building envelope.
  • Outperforms the industry standard by up to 18 percent.¹

“As a company, we’ve always been committed to manufacturing products that help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations, and our newest polyiso formulation contributes to that vision,” said Ed Klonowski, ISO product manager at Firestone Building Products. “Architects can depend on our polyiso to provide their clients with a high-performing product that works to minimize energy use and reduce waste.”

¹ Verified by an independent study from a third-party source