NEW PRODUCT FLASH: 1850SJ Ultra Boom Lift by JLG

The 1850SJ Ultra boom lift from JLG Industries, Inc. provides users with nearly three million cubic feet of reachable space. Delivering 19 stories of working height, this addition to JLG’s line of Ultra Series boom lifts has a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds, allowing operators to move more tools and materials to elevated work sites. Productivity is enhanced with faster cycle speeds, enabling the boom to extend from ground to full height in less than five product flash

The 1850SJ includes a telescopic jib that extends and retracts to provide additional reach, up-and-over capability, and the ability to telescope into and around structures in a variety of applications. Suitable environments can include: stadium, convention center and theater construction as well as entertainment and studio-related applications.

The lift further enhances productivity with a powerful turbo diesel engine that provides 99.8 horsepower to optimize drive and lift performance. In addition, standard four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer maximize maneuverability.boom lift

The new lift does not require an oversized permit on highways, which saves time on a project; it does require a weight permit. The machine design also features axles that extend or retract in less than one minute to transition quickly to or from the transport mode.

An updated platform LCD display provides more information to optimize service and operator productivity. A graphic display of the operator’s position in the work envelope aids in positioning, and the communication of service codes, engine status, fuel levels, and other messages assists with operation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. Serviceability and operational benefits extend beyond the new LCD display to include operation and control layouts similar to all other JLG booms, making training and operation of the lift easier. Hoods open wide to provide easy access to key serviceable components.