NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Accustat Independence By PSG Controls

The Accustat® Independence line of thermostats by PSG Controls provides a mercury-free option for facilities needing a tamper resistant control with fixed temperature set points. The Independence uses preset electronic fixed temperature set points to maintain desired comfort settings. These thermostats can be used in a variety of commercial applications such as warehouses and fast food restaurants, or residential applications such as condominiums or other managed properties.

Accustat Independence thermostats from PSG Controls are available in eight models.
Accustat Independence thermostats from PSG Controls are available in eight models.

The Accustat Independence line contains no mercury, and therefore provides a solution to facilities located in states that have passed legislation banning the sale of mercury, which extends to mercury sensor products. These states include Connecticut (since 2004) and California (since 2006).

Bi-metal or mercury based mechanical thermostats are virtually maintenance-free, but struggle to maintain precise temperature accuracy. This often results in occupant discomfort which encourages them to change temperature settings resulting in large temperature swings and high energy bills. Electronic and/or digital controls control temperatures precisely, but do require an extra wire for power, and/or batteries. The design of the new mercury-free Accustat Independence thermostats addresses these issues by providing precise temperature and locking tamper-proof cover, as well as not requiring batteries or extra wires.

For facilities already using Accustat thermostats, the eight models in the Independence line are available to cross over from existing models.


  1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for your query. I posted this product, because I thought the mercury-free characteristic would be of interest to facilities managers who may already have a Accustat product, or for those looking for a new thermostat product overall. That was the main difference I was seeking to highlight, but perhaps an Accustat representative has more to add. I’ll find out…

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