New Product Flash: Advance Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Automatic Floor Scrubber

The Adfinity X20R REV™ automatic floor scrubber from Advance is designed to provide daily scrubbing performance and deep scrubbing for a chemical free finish removal in one machine. Patent-pending random orbital scrubbing technology positions Adfinity REV as the industry’s first automatic scrubber to clean floors with distinct, random orbital, and rotational motions, using up to 70% less cleaning solution.

Random orbital scrubbing technology delivers dual-action scrubbing with a combination of high-speed ¼ inch orbital micro-scrubbing and 20 inch low-speed rotational macro-scrubbing. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple directions, REV leaves a smooth, swirl-free, scrubbed surface in a single pass. The machine’s ability to create a uniform result and reduce water and chemical usage provides facility managers with a cleaning option for facility floor maintenance.

To meet diverse hard floor cleaning requirements, the Adfinity REV provides dual-purpose scrubbing, allowing operators to daily scrub or deep scrub for finish removal with the following benefits:

  • One pass, chemical-free deep scrubbing removes multiple coats of old floor finish using only water, resulting in a dry and prepared surface ready for refinishing.
  • Uniform scrubbing results create a clean floor free of swirl marks.
  • Low solution flow provides up to 105 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single tank of water to satisfy sizable cleaning jobs.
  • Quiet operation ensures machine performance is no louder than a person speaking, permitting easy daytime cleaning without disturbing facility occupants.
  • NFSI Certification guarantees a dry, no-slip surface, maximizing operator and facility safety.

The Adfinity REV comes equipped with the Advance EcoFlex™ System, allowing operators to switch between water-only cleaning and various cleaning intensities. At a touch of a button, operators can select detergent use, pad pressure, and flow rate to match their cleaning application. With sustainable, flexible cleaning capabilities, the EcoFlex System allows users to satisfy higher sanitary standards, different surface types, or unexpected cleaning challenges—helping facility managers maintain a clean and healthy environment.

The Adfinity REV provides a cleaning solution for users needing to minimize labor and maintenance expenses while adhering to strict safety and sanitary requirements, such as in long-term care and education facilities. Additional cleaning applications include, but are not limited to: office and commercial buildings, food service, grocery stores, retail centers, shopping mall, and government centers.