New Product Flash: Audacy Lighting Control from IDEAL Industries

IDEAL Industries, Inc. has introduced its Audacy wireless energy management system, targeted for the retrofit, new construction, retail, and institutional lighting markets. This new system provides wireless lighting control via a mobile app over multi-building lighting systems by automatically sensing and adjusting to ambient light, movement, and room occupancy. The company reports that completed beta tests have consistently delivered energy savings from 30% to more than 50%.FE-NPFlogo

Audacy emerged when, as Jim James, Chairman and CEO of IDEAL, describes, the development team was challenged to “put our core business, Wire-Nuts [twist on wire connectors], out of business, but keep it just as simple to install and operate.” In six months, the development team had a working prototype using the company’s push-in wire termination expertise and a proprietary, patent-pending wireless technology that can extend the life of battery powered devices such as sensors and switches to 25 years.

“Our push-in wire termination expertise combined with our 915 MHz wireless technology makes it incredibly easy for facilities managers and building owners to deploy advanced lighting control solutions that had previously been difficult to implement,” says Nolan Bello, business unit manager, advanced wireless solutions.

Features of Audacy include:
Occupancy/vacancy, daylight harvesting, scheduling, remote system, and scene control
Quick installation into light fixtures
Web or mobile control when Internet access is available
Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010
Custom control of individual light fixtures
Maintenance-free battery life on wireless devices
Ability to used on linear fluorescent, can/downlight, and LED troffer fixtures
Integration with existing building automation system
Available device pre-configuration away from job site