NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Beyond from Allsteel

Allsteel recently expanded its architectural walls collection with the introduction of Beyond framed glass. Joining the company’s frameless glass product bearing the same name, this latest offering provides a quick, flexible option for facility managers reconfiguring office space and other product flash

As the demand for facility features such as access to natural light and visual connectivity remains at the forefront, the Beyond glass wall offering can work in a number of applications. Movable glass walls are an alternative to reconfiguring facility space through traditional construction.

Allsteel BeyondLike the previously released Beyond frameless glass, this framed product incorporates a scissor lift leveling mechanism that enables the glass to be rapidly leveled with a power tool. In addition to the simple leveling, Beyond framed glass panels are built with a factory quality-controlled unitized construction that incorporates an integrated ceiling trim (eliminating the need to climb ladders to apply trim).

Beyond framed glass is available in traditional glass thicknesses of 1/4″ as well as 3/8″, meeting necessary acoustic requirements. Allsteel maintains its partnership with designer Eberhard von Huene for the continued development of the Beyond product line.