NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Compact Air Movers from Sanitaire

Sanitaire has introduced a family of air movers that feature a compact and lightweight design. The three models—SC6055A, SC6054A, and SC6053A—are designed to provide superior performance and durability to dry carpets and floors very quickly in a product flash

These Sanitaire air movers feature a three-speed rotary switch that lets users control the air speed. Their stackable design facilitates transporting and storing the equipment.

The SC6055A Precision Air Mover (shown here) pulls air from above into a newly designed fan chamber and produces a maximum wind velocity of 3,400 FPM. Featuring four different drying positions, the air mover delivers the driest air into precise areas. Other features include a 20′ power cord, 2.8 amp motor, and the ability to daisy-chain up to four units on one 15 amp circuit. It weighs 17.5 pounds.air mover

The SC6053 and C6054 High Velocity Air Movers feature 5 amp motors and three speeds. The SC6053 has a molded handle while the SC6054 has a built-in telescoping handle for easy maneuvering. Both models deliver a maximum air velocity of 3800 feet/minute.

These products come with the Sanitaire Promise of Performance warranty that warrants parts, materials, workmanship, and labor.