New Product Flash: Energy Data Insight On Demand From Ecova And Lucid

Ecova, an energy and sustainability management company, and Lucid, maker of an operating system for commercial building technology, have partnered to deliver a technology solution for facility and energy management. By aligning Ecova’s utility data and service offerings with Lucid’s BuildingOS centralized platform that supports more than 150 technology integrations for real-time building data, this new solution—Data Insight On-Demand—provides a complete view of building performance and enables energy efficiency across entire building portfolios.FE-NPFlogo

The joint solution unifies a facility’s historical utility data with interval meter data from multiple vendors’ metering and building systems, all of which are now accessible via a single interface. By working together, Ecova and Lucid can help facility management professionals identify low- or no-cost resource efficiency opportunities, conduct ongoing measurement and verification for implemented efficiency measures, engage building occupants in resource conservation efforts, and catch concerns early, before they become expensive problems or comfort issues.

Sample dashboard from Data Insights On-Demand

Earlier this year, Concord Hospitality, a legacy Ecova client for Utility Expense and Data Management, Budgeting and Energy Supply Management, selected this joint solution to gain access to daily meter data for 66 limited-service hotels under its management. Early detection of problems and the desire to reduce resource costs are the primary reasons driving Concord’s adoption of the solution. Leveraging interval meter data to monitor changes in resource consumption can result in a 13% reduction in energy use. Concord is leveraging the BuildingOS mobile application to take daily reads of the electricity, water, and gas meters at each of their hotels.

“We need to monitor consumption on a daily basis in order to prevent water leaks and other abnormalities from developing into large financial issues,” said Paul Sears, corporate director of facilities for Concord Hospitality. “Capturing daily meter data in conjunction with our historic utility data will not only give management the visibility necessary to affect change, but it also engages building occupants, empowering them to be active participants in energy management.”


  1. Wow! This is an interesting development in the energy data industry. I love the picture of the sample ecova dashboard. It looks like it will be easy to read and make sense of. The colors make the disparities and differences stand out. Great to hear about how technology is further affecting the utilities industry.

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