NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Drive-Thru Unit From Berner International

The Drive-Thru Unit from Berner International Corp. is an air curtain designed to keep car fumes away from workers at drive-thru windows, save energy, and create comfort. The Drive-Thru Unit is designed for easy maintenance and is the company’s smallest profile air curtain to date, which makes it ideal for the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry. It is 18″ long, with a profile of 6″ (high) x 7 1/2″ (deep).

OSHA has listed QSR drive-thru windows as a potential indoor air quality health hazard. While the air discharge of this Berner unit is strong enough to stop the infiltration of outdoor air, as well as vehicle emission fumes and insects, it is also designed not blow paper money out of hands that penetrate its airstream.

A Berner Drive-Thru Unit installed for Beta testing at an Arby's restaurant in Struthers, OH.
A Berner Drive-Thru Unit installed for beta site testing at an Arby's restaurant in Struthers, OH.

Berner’s Drive-Thru Units are available with an electric heating option, which further increases employee comfort at a drive-thru window. This can also save energy, since managers do not need to turn up the heat in an effort to keep window employees warm.

With its “Mount Anywhere” bracket system (patent pending), this air curtain mounts to existing drive-thru windows and can be plugged in to a 120 Volt power outlet.

Other features:

  • 120 Volt, 20 Amp electric heat
  • Powder coated extruded aluminum exterior cabinet
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 6′ plug-in type power cord
  • UL Listed – Indoor Use (United States, Canada)
  • One year parts warranty
  • Crafted in the United States