New Product Flash: Emergi-Lite® Nexus® Emergency Lighting Management System from Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts recently introduced the Emergi-Lite® Nexus® Emergency Lighting Management System to assist facility managers (fms) in their daily operations. The system provides real time status of the entire emergency lighting and exit sign system, runs system diagnostics, performs required monthly and annual functional tests, generates maintenance logs, and runs compliance reports from a central control unit. Additionally, the Emergi-Lite Nexus Emergency Lighting Management System operates independently of the emergency lighting and exit sign, so that it does not interfere with the operation of the lighting system or disrupt the power supply. The system also provides more accurate data than what is gathered through manual methods, which are subject to human error.

Available in both wired and wireless versions, the product is flexible, making it easy to install. The system user is able to manage the installation by installing and removing components, testing and monitoring the system, and managing maintenance activities, enabling the reduction of maintenance time and costs.

The wired version, which operates in real time, uses a dedicated data cable network for areas where wireless communication is not possible. Any changes of the status of network components are indicated by changes in their icon’s color in the Nexus Wired Emergency Lighting Monitoring System window. It can test and report on the status of the entire emergency lighting in an installation individually, in groups, or all together. The wireless version offers many of the same features. However, it uses radio frequency communication and 900 MHz mesh networking technology to penetrate dense building materials, including masonry walls.