NEW PRODUCT FLASH: FireDefender By Georgia-Pacific

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s Temperature Rise Door Core, part of its FireDefender® Protection Components line, is a significant component for use in steel covered fire doors.

Facility managers can specify doors with Georgia-Pacific’s Temperature Rise Door Core to enhance the fire safety standard of their facilities. The cores have been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Inc. and carry a 3-hour maximum rating for duration to fire and maximum temperature rise of 250°F at 30 minutes.

FireDefender Temperature Rise Cores are developed from a Georgia-Pacific proprietary mix of various minerals, fiberglass, and inert binders. Adaptable for different temperature rise steel door types, FireDefender Temperature Rise Core is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Door assemblies containing FireDefender components have been successfully tested to meet a range of national and international standards.

Georgia-Pacific is a major supplier of components for fire-rated doors that does not also manufacture its own doors.