NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Flood Barrier Shield By Zero International

This patent pending product from Zero International is engineered to provide a watertight barrier that protects and prevents water ingress though doors and windows. The Flood Barrier Shield (FBS) is available in two models (for doors and for windows), and comes in stock heights of 10″, 20″, 24″, 30″, and 36″, as well as in custom heights.

Flood Barrier Shield by Zero International

FBS is designed for placement in front of doors and windows during potential flood events. After aluminum channel brackets are pre-mounted to the door frame or wall, the watertight aluminum and neoprene rubber shield can be slipped down into the brackets and secured when needed to keep water out. The neoprene rubber attached to the sides and bottom of the aluminum shield ensure a watertight seal and also compensates for any gaps at the threshold or sill. When water accumulates from any source, including heavy rain overflows and rising groundwater, the barriers effectively block a foot or more of floodwaters.

Both the shield sections and mounting channels of FBS are constructed of marine-grade aluminum. Attached to the channel brackets and bottom of each shield section, Zero’s proprietary closed cell sponge neoprene ensures FBS’s impermeability. The rubber compensates for any gaps at door thresholds along with solidly sealing all frame edges. As floodwaters rise, increasing hydrostatic pressure against the Flood Barrier Shield amplifies the sealing effect.

FBS comes in lightweight aluminum panels of any height specified when the order is placed. In addition to the pre-mounted vertical channels attached to door frames or adjacent walls, there is an additional horizontal channel across frame bottoms for installation of the window model. No tools are required for inserting the shield sections. A maximum height of three feet for the base section ensures fastest installation by one person working alone, and additional panels can be stacked as needed. Zero’s engineers can advise regarding installation considerations and options for best performance and protection.

During Hurricane Irene this past summer, FBS served to protect the New England Youth Theater in Brattleboro, VT (seen here). Installed on the five doorways, the aluminum shields played a key role in the flood defenses of the building, designed by the firm of Greenberg Associates, Architects. The only post-Irene costs were a few feet of damp carpet.


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