NEW PRODUCT FLASH: GE Evolve LED Contemporary Domed Area Light

The GE Evolve™ LED Contemporary Domed Area Light from GE Lighting Solutions is a LED fixture designed for outdoor lighting needs in areas such as roadways, walkways, historic urban setting, shopping centers and malls, and plazas, and parks.

The product offers energy efficiency and a 50,000 hour rated life at 85% of initial lumens with an output of 4,900 lumens at 90 watts. Features such as a high color temperature (5600K or 4100K), a 70+ color-rendering index, and a low-glare optical design enable low light trespass where it is installed.

The GE Evolve LED Contemporary Domed Area Light features:

  • A die-cast aluminum housing with cast heat sinks to transfer heat away from the electrical components, adding to its long life;
  • A complete inside-outside coating of polyester paint for corrosion resistance;
  • An impact resistant lens;
  • Cold weather performance; and
  • RoHS compliance, because it is a mercury free lighting solution.

The thermal design of all Evolve™ LED systems enhances its lifespan, reliability, and system efficacy. LED durability can lead to reduced maintenance costs with no filament failures, no cathode failures, and no glass to break, as well as vibration resistance. The LED photometric control contributes to color consistency with greater optical control to provide light only where desired. The improved fixture efficiency means fewer fixtures, lower watts, and improved control of spill light to reduce light pollution and trespass.