NEW PRODUCT FLASH: "Greener" WypAlls from Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark Professional recently introduced a new generation of environmentally friendly disposable wipers under its WypAll brand. Available as WypAll X60, WypAll L40, and WypAll L30 Wipers, this line of wipers:

  • is manufactured using 40% post-consumer recycled fiber, from sources including recycled cardboard boxes (seven are recycled to make one Jumbo Roll of WypAll X60) and recycled office paper (a ream is recycled to make one Jumbo Roll of WypAll L40);
  • contains up to 35% more sheets than standard packaging; and
  • uses up to 100% recycled fiber in the product packaging.

The new WypAll wipers’ use of raw materials containing 40% post-consumer waste complies with the U.S. EPA’s comprehensive procurement guidelines. The virgin fiber used to manufacture the wipers comes from suppliers that have gained independent certification of their forest lands or their fiber procurement activities.

These new wipers contain up to 35% more sheets than standard wiper packages, which allows more product to be packaged in each case and wipers to fit in each truck, thus putting fewer trucks on the road. Less packaging also means less waste is sent to landfills.

These new wipers are available in Pop-Up box, quarter-fold, and Jumbo roll formats.