NEW PRODUCT FLASH: HurricaneWatch from Datawatch Systems

The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season began on June 1 and officially ends November 30. Addressing the impact these extreme weather events can have on organizations and their facilities, Datawatch Systems has developed HurricaneWatch. This service builds on the company’s existing security services and is tailored to assist clients before, during, and after they are impacted by a product flash

This emergency call service enables facility managers to constantly update a single database with property status reports during severe weather events and other catastrophic situations when communication problems triggered by downed power and phone lines are likely to occur.

Using HurricaneWatch, employees can ascertain if their facility is open. They can also update the database with their own status (whether they are safe, able/unable to make it to work, or any number of other factors the facility manager chooses to address when setting up the system). Instructional messages may be provided to employees as they call in, giving all parties consistent and timely reports about the state of their facility. In addition, Datawatch has the ability to store multiple status parameters for an unlimited number of buildings and employees. This information can be viewed online, in real time, while the Datawatch call center is manned 24/7 by calm and courteous personnel.