NEW PRODUCT FLASH: HydroBond from Carlisle Syntec

Carlisle SynTec Systems recently expanded its Sure-Flex™ PVC product line with the introduction of HydroBond PVC Water-Based Adhesive. The new product is a high strength, one sided wet lay-in dispersion adhesive for use with all Sure-Flex PVC and Sure-Flex FleeceBACK product flash

HydroBond provides a long lasting, high strength bond. The adhesive can be used to bond PVC membranes in a wet lay-in application to various porous and non-porous substrates on slopes up to 2:12. It works as a contact adhesive on higher slopes and vertical surfaces. The adhesive can be roller applied or spray applied. It meets the requirements of both South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1168 and the OTC Model Rule for Single-Ply Roofing Adhesives.

This adhesive is also geared at being a time saver for installers. Since HydroBond is a one-sided application (substrate only), wet lay-in adhesive, workers do not have to spend time waiting for the adhesive to flash off. Carlisle SynTec notes that labor is reduced by up to 50% when compared to traditional contact adhesives.